by Ricky Lim 由里奇林

Emotional Intelligence or commonly known as EQ is a relatively new field of psychology.情緒智力或稱為情商是一個比較新的領域的心理學。 Emotional intelligence means the ability for a person to access, influence and conclude our emotions and also the emotions of other people around us.情緒智力的手段的能力,一個人進入,影響力和結束我們的感情,也是感情的其他人在我們身邊。

The term emotional intelligence was first made popular by Daniel Goldman with his book Emotional Intelligence and since then many researchers have began studies in this new field of psychology.任期情緒智力首次作出的大眾的丹尼爾戈德曼與他的著作情緒智力與自那時以來,許多研究者已開始研究在這個新領域的心理學。 Since then, we have understood a lot more about emotional intelligence.自那時以來,我們已明白了很多更多關於情緒智力。

Emotional intelligence can be broken into 4 separate entities namely:::情緒智力可以劃分為4單獨的實體,即: : :

1. 1 。 Empathy : the ability for a person to be able to perceive the emotions of others around him/her and acknowledge those feelings.同理心:能力,一個人能夠察覺到的情緒別人靠近他/她,並承認那些感受。

2. 2 。 Relationships : the ability for a person to be able to handle negotiations and mediations.關係:能力,一個人能夠處理的談判和斡旋。

3. 3 。 Self Awareness : the ability for a person to understand his/her own feelings, know what they means and acknowledging these feelings.自我認識:有能力對一個人了解他/她自己的感情,知道他們的手段和承認這些感受。

4. 4 。 Handle Emotions : the ability for a person to manage and handle their own personal feelings responsibly and accurately depending on the situation.處理感情:有能力一個人來管理和處理自己的個人感情,以負責任和準確視乎情況。

Since everyone of us handle each emotion differently under different situations, it is also the reason why researchers are finding it difficult to measure emotional intelligence accurately.因為我們每個人,每個處理有不同的情緒在不同情況下,這亦是原因,研究人員發現它難以衡量情緒智力,準確。

Over the years, there are certain rules in emotional intelligence that seems to apply to the majority of us though.多年來,有一定的規則,在情緒智力似乎適用於我們大多數雖然。 And we can train ourselves to be better equip to handle these emotions when it comes.我們可以訓練自己得到更好的裝備來處理這些情緒時,它的到來。 Training your emotions takes time and being self aware of them.訓練你的情緒需要時間和自我覺察到這些問題。

Unlike IQ where it is innate and some people are just born to be a genius.不同智商的地方,這是天生的,有些人是剛剛出生,是一個天才。 Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be developed.情緒智力是一種技能,可以發展。 In fact, emotions were not even implanted on us when we were still a baby or in the mother’s womb.事實上,在情緒,甚至沒有植入對我們,當我們仍是一個嬰兒,還是在母親的子宮。 It is through the interactions with our environment and the people that we developed these emotions.它是通過互動與我們的環境和人民的,我們開發的這些情緒。
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Ricky Lim is the online editor of an emotional intelligence site.林載祥是一個在線的編輯一情緒智力的網站。 Visit his site for more info on emotional intelligence techniques.訪問他的網站如需詳細資訊,對情緒智力的技巧。

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