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Enhance your power to manifest the life of your dreams using these ten creative methods:增强您的权力,体现的生命你的梦想使用这些十创意方法:

1) Keep the end in mind. 1 )保持月底在铭记。 Ask yourself, what specific quality of life will the object of my desire bring to me?问问自己,有什么具体的生活质量会的目的,我的愿望,把我吗? Why do I want this?为什么这样做,我想这? Will it bring more Love, Harmony, Joy, Peace, Wisdom or Prosperity?它会带来更多的爱,和谐,欢乐,和平,智慧或繁荣? Once you identify your real goal, do your best to assimilate that quality without the object and you will be deliberating achieving a vibrational harmony with the object you desired in the first place.一旦您确定您真正的目标,尽最大努力吸收质量没有对象,您将审议实现振动的和谐与对象,你想要摆在首位。 When you acquire vibrational harmony当您获得的振动和谐 梦想 or magnetic sameness with your desire - the object of your desire or something better HAS to come into your life - for it is the Law!或带磁性的雷同与您的愿望-的对象您的愿望,或有更好的接触到你的生活-因为这是法律!

2) Identify what you want. 2 )找出你想要的。 The number one rule to Manifesting your Dreams is to “keep your eye on the ball.” The Universe does not process negatives - only energy.头号规则,体现了你的梦想是“让您的眼睛就拿到球。 ”宇宙不处理底片-只有能源。 Therefore the question to ponder is “What do I want?” The question is NOT “What do I not want?” except to identify more of what you DO want.因此,问题的思考是“想做什么? ”问题不在于“我该怎么办不想? ”除了找出更多的什么,你想要做的。

3) Expect your dreams to come true. 3 )期待您的梦想成真。 Expectation propels your desire and opens the runway for your dreams to land quickly, easily and gently.期望propels您的愿望和开放跑道上为您的梦想的土地快速,便捷和温柔。 Additionally, with expectation as your fire, you will be less likely to run out of “desire fuel”!此外,与您的期望,作为消防,您将不太可能失控“的愿望燃料” !

4) Imagine it in the now. 4 )想象,它在现在。 Imagine how it FEELS to have what you desire RIGHT NOW!想想觉得有什么,你的愿望的权利,现在! Abraham through Jerry and Esther Hicks says, “Your point of attraction is now.” Therefore, whatever you are feeling and focused upon right now is what you are in vibrational harmony with and are attracting into your life.石礼谦通过杰里和Esther希克斯说, “您点的吸引力,现正” ,因此,无论您现在的心情和集中的权利,现在是什么你是在振动的和谐与和吸引到您的生活。

5) Be energy efficient - be conscious of your “energy.” Keep in mind that like energy attracts like energy - therefore “what you sow you shall reap.” Feeling the lack of something only attracts more “lack of that something.” On the other hand, deliberately choosing positive feelings and focal points will keep you in alignment with your desires. 5 )能源效率-意识到您的“能源”请记住,就像能源一样,吸引能源-因此,“你母猪您应收获。”的感觉缺乏的东西,不仅吸引了更多“缺乏一些”,另一方面,刻意选择积极的感情和联络点,将让您在路线与您的欲望。

6) Maintain a laser focus on what you want. 6 )维持一个激光重点放在你想要的。 Give it your attention.给予你的关注。 Use tools such as setting goals, writing and repeating affirmations, visualization, gratitude journalizing, creative collage, treasure mapping, creation wheels and meditation.使用的工具,如设定目标,写作和重复誓词,可视化,感谢分录,创意拼贴,珍惜测绘,创造车轮和冥想。 Relax, listen to yourself, state the affirmation and visualize the accompanying action and feeling.放宽,倾听自己,国家的肯定和可视化陪同行动和感觉。 Remember, “Wherever you go, there you are!” - therefore, BE mentally and emotionally where you want to GO physically.请记住, “到哪里,都可以,有你! ” -因此,在精神上和情绪上你想要去的地方身体。

7) Be unattached. 7 )独立。 Maintain your desires but be unattached to the specifics of the outcome.保持您的愿望,但必须独立,以具体的结果。 Never limit the Universe by being disappointed if it isn’t in your life right now or isn’t coming as fast as you think it should.从来没有限制,对宇宙的失望,如果不是在你的生活的权利,现在或未来,是不是一样快,你认为应该的。 Be careful of being attached to the how, when, where, and who details.小心被重视,如何,何时,何地,谁的细节。 Turn it over to God and release your dream with statements such as “This or something better is manifesting in my life right now.把它交给上帝和释放你的梦想与报表,如: “这或更好的是体现在我的生活的权利。 I let it go and prepare to receive my good.” ALLOW the universe to let it flow to you easily!我让去,并准备接受我的好“ ,让宇宙让它流你很容易!

8 ) Go on an appreciation rampage and preserve an attitude of gratitude.去对一个赞赏的猖獗和维护的态度,感激之情。 Relish the moment and be appreciative of all that you have.津津乐道的时刻,并欣赏所有你。 Be aware of every opportunity that comes your way and honor where you are on your path.知道每一个机会来您的方式和荣誉你身在何处对您的路径。 Look at each experience as neither good nor bad, but as an opportunity to learn and grow.看看每一个经验,既不好也不坏,但以此为契机,学习和成长。 Don’t scold yourself when you make a mistake.不骂自己,当你作出一个错误。 Develop an affirmative statement describing your correct performance in the present tense, and allow your light to shine!制定一个肯定的陈述,描述您正确的表现,在目前的紧张,并允许您的光照耀! See through the eyes of love.透过现象看眼睛的爱情。 Choose to live in joy and spread it to all you meet!选择生活在喜悦和蔓延到所有你满足!

9) Let Go of the past and follow your heart! 9 )放手的过去,并按照你的心! Once and for all.一劳永逸的。 Release the fears and prejudices that come from previous experiences.释放的恐惧和偏见来自于过去的经验。 “Heaven’s not beyond the clouds; it’s just beyond our fears.” Regret and fear are the thieves that rob us of today. “天堂之不超出了云层,它的正义超出了我们的担心。表示”遗憾和恐惧的是,窃贼即剥夺我们的今天。 Accept responsibility for your life.接受责任,为您的生活。 Know that there are no victims.知道有没有受害者。 This means really forgive and forget, live without opinions, throw out your old baggage and live fully present in the moment at hand while following your heart’s guidance and desires for tomorrow.这意味着,真的原谅和忘记,生活的意见,抛出你的旧包袱和生活,充分,在目前的时刻,另一方面又以下你的心的指导和愿望,为明天。 Your heart will never speak in fear - only in love.你的心永远不会发言,在恐惧中-只有在爱。 Follow your heart and you will have all that you desire.跟随你的心和您将有所有您的愿望。

10) Dream big! 10 )大梦! Ask for more than you “need.” You are the child of a rich father in heaven - claim your Divine birthright to unlimited Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Love and Harmony.要求更多的比你“的需要。 : ”你是孩子一个丰富的父亲在天堂-索赔您神圣的与生俱来的无限繁荣,和平,喜悦,爱与和谐。 Ask for all that you desire (in alignment with your values) and have the faith to relax and enjoy the journey.要求所有你的愿望(在定线与您的价值观)和有信仰的放松和享受的征程。 “I tell you the Truth, If ye have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move from here to there: And it will move. “我告诉你实话,如果你们有信心,因为作为一个小芥籽,你可以说这山,从这里到那里:它会动议。 Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20没有什么是不可能的,为你“马修17时20分

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