life hacks
by Napoleon Hill 拿破仑希尔

All of us have a single denominator in our fight for success.我们所有人有一个单一的分母,在我们争取取得圆满成功。 All of us have an equal amount of time in which to achieve it.我们所有人都相等的时间来实现这一目标。 Simple rules of health demand that eight hours of every day be spent in sleep.简单的规则卫生要求8小时,每天用在睡觉。 Eight hours more taken up in earning at least the bare necessities of life.八小时更采取了在收入至少暴露了生活必需品。 That leaves us eight hours more of free time that can be used for whatever purpose we desire.这使得我们八小时更多的空闲时间可以用来为任何目的,我们的愿望。

This is the period you can use to achieve success.这是期间,您可以使用,以取得成功。 Since you work so hard eight hours for the boss, why not put in a few hours more working for yourself instead of spending it idly?既然你工作的辛苦八小时为老板,为什么不付诸表决,在数小时内更多的工作为自己,而是消费它不管呢? Benjamin Franklin once said, “Show me what a man does with his free time and I will tell you accurately whether he will be a success or failure in life.”本杰明富兰克林曾经说过: “告诉我什么,一名男子是否与他的空闲时间,我会告诉你,准确,他是否将是一个成功或失败的人生” 。

The man or woman who doesn’t need to hold down a regular job is doubly blessed for they have twice as much time to devote to their own ends.该名男子或女子谁并不需要按住经常性的工作是双重的祝福,因为他们有两倍多的时间投入到他们自己的目的。

Richard Monot found himself in that position.理查德monot发现自己在这方面的立场。 For more than a year, he spent his days in idleness and found—as so many have—that it really isn’t fun to loaf continually.一年多来,他用他的天在闲置,并发现-这么多有-这真的是不好玩面包不断。 Being a lover of flowers, he bought a tract of land and began growing peonies.作为一个情人的鲜花,他买了呼吸道的土地,并开始越来越多牡丹。 His gardens soon became a showplace.他的花园很快成为showplace 。 More important, they began making more money for him than he’d ever been able to earn in his regular work hour labors.更重要的是,他们开始作出更多的钱,他比以往任何时候都希望他能够赚取在他的经常性工作小时劳动力。

You should constantly try to “go the extra mile” during the period of the day the boss pays for your service.你要不断尝试“走出去额外英里”期间的那天,老板自付为您服务。 This brings promotions and pay raises.这使促销和加薪。 But it’s even more important that you go the extra mile for yourself during your free time.但它的更重要的是你的额外英里为自己在你的空闲时间。 How are you spending these hours now?您是如何开支的这几个小时内,现在呢? Do you fritter them away or do you use them to achieve success?你fritter他们离开,还是你用它们来实现成功?

First, of course, you must decide upon a definite goal in life and lay out a plan for achieving it.第一,当然,你必须决定一个明确的目标,在生活中奠定了一个计划,为实现它。 Then use your free time to put your plan into action.然后使用您的免费时间,把您的计划化为行动。 Remember, whenever you waste time, you are wasting your life.”请记住,当你浪费时间,你是在浪费你的生活“ 。

Source: Success Unlimited.资料来源:成功是无限的。 August 1963. 1963年8月。 Page 31.第31页。

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