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Why be an entrepreneur?为什么一个企业家呢? You know, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.大家都知道,企业家精神并不适合每一个人。 And it isn’t as great as entrepreneurial bloggers say it is.这不是大企业博客说它是。 Being an employee has some serious advantages.作为一个雇员有一些严重的优势。 Here are the top ten reasons to remain a wage slave:这里有十大理由,仍然是一个打工的奴隶:

10. 10 。 Some people actually like being employees.有些人其实就像员工。 At least that’s the rumor.至少这是谣言。 And they spend an awful lot of energy complaining— er, I mean, proclaiming to the world how much they love it!他们花了一个可怕的大量的精力抱怨-呃,我的意思是,宣布向世界有多大,爱在此! And if you’re one of them, you may be better off as a wage slave.如果您也是其中的一分子,你也许是一个更好的作为一个打工的奴隶。 Because an entrepreneur needs to spend that energy making things better, not complaining about how bad things are.因为一位企业家,需要花费的能源决策的东西更好,不会抱怨有多糟糕的东西。

9. 9 。 It’s easier to coast on through.它的更容易沿岸,通过。 I mean, to be an entrepreneur, you’d actually have to be motivated.我的意思是,是一个企业家,您其实是有动机。 How many people are excited, motivated, and still miserable?有多少人激动,动机,仍然凄惨呢? Trust me, you can be just as miserable without the motivation it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.相信我,你可以就像悲惨的无动机需要取得成功,作为一个企业家。 The boss is motivated enough for both of you, and he can always browbeat you when he needs a little extra performance.老板的动机是可以同时满足你,他可以随时browbeat你时,他需要一点点额外的性能。 No need to become engaged in what you do.没有必要成为从事什么你怎么做。

8. 8 。 You don’t have to do any of the hard work.您没有做任何的辛勤工作。 You don’t have to make any of the hard decisions.您还没有作出任何的艰难的决定。 The buck does not stop here.推卸责任并不到此为止。 There’s always someone higher up in management.存在的总是有人较高的管理。 If you ran your own business, you’d have to make it work.如果您然自己的业务,您必须使它的工作。 But as a wage slave, there’s someone else whose job it is to figure that out.但作为一个打工的奴隶,有别人的工作是这个数字。 That’s why it’s easier to get a job than to run a business.这就是为什么它的更容易找到工作,比上运行的业务。 It’s the low-hanging fruit.它的挂的较低的果子。 And easy come, easy go.和容易来,容易去。

7. 7 。 It’sa dog’s life.这是狗的生命。 To paraphrase Steve Pavlina, when you want to increase your income, you have to sit up and beg your master for an extra Scooby Snack.以段史蒂夫pavlina ,当您想要增加你的收入,你必须坐下来和乞求您的主为一个额外scooby小吃。 And then you roll over and have your belly rubbed.然后你轧辊,并具有您的腹部摩擦。 And who doesn’t love that?和谁不爱呢?

6. 6 。 You need something to blame your fears on.你需要的东西归咎于您的恐惧。 And if you had no employer, who would you blame then?如果你没有雇主,谁的责任,然后你呢? Who would take responsibility for your fears?谁承担责任,会为您的恐惧呢? Or your future?或您的未来? Trust me, you’ll be much happier if you can make it someone else’s fault when you’re miserable.相信我,您就得多幸福如果你可以让别人的过失,当您可怜。

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