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If you were to choose just one part of your personality to develop that would virtually guarantee your success, I’d like to suggest that you place persistence at the top of your list.如果你来选择只是其中一部分你的个性发展,这将几乎保证你的成功,我想建议你的地方毅力在顶部的连络人清单中。

Napoleon Hill, in his classic Think and Grow Rich felt so strongly about this subject, he devoted an entire chapter to it.拿破仑希尔,在他的经典认为,成长丰富感受到如此强烈的这个问题,他专门用整整一章来。 Hill suggested, “There may be no heroic connotation to the word persistence but the quality is to your character what carbon is to steel.”希尔建议, "可能没有英雄主义的内涵,以字毅力,但质量是你的性格是什么碳是钢" 。

Think about it.想一想。 If you took a quick mental walk down memory lane and reviewed some of your accomplishments in the past – large and small – you would have to agree that persistence played an important role in your success.如果你采取了迅速的心理往下走的记忆里,并审查了你的一些成绩,在过去-大国和小-你将不得不同意毅力发挥了重要作用,你的成功。

Napoleon Hill studied many of the world’s most successful people.拿破仑希尔研究了许多世界上最成功的人。 He pointed out the only quality he could find in Henry Ford, Thomas Edison or a host of other notable greats, that he could not find in everyone else was persistence.他指出,唯一的质量,他可以找到在亨利福特,托马斯爱迪生或其他一系列的显着伟大,他无法找到在其他所有人是毅力。 What I found even more intriguing was the fact that Hill made comment of the fact that these individuals were often misunderstood to be ruthless or cold-blooded and that this misconception grew out of their habit of following through in all of their plans with persistence.我发现更耐人寻味的是一个事实,即山作出评论的事实是,这些人往往遭到误解,被无情的还是冷血的,并认为这误解长大离开自己的习惯,以下是通过在其所有的计划与毅力。

It’s both interesting and sadly amusing to me that, as a society, we would be quick to criticize people for realizing they had an unshakable power within them and were capable of overcoming any obstacle outside of them.它的趣味兼备,可惜有趣,我认为,作为一个社会,我们将迅速作出批评的人,为他们实现了一个不可动摇的威力,他们有能力克服任何障碍之外。 This power would ultimately move them toward a greater chance of achieving any goal they set for themselves!这种权力,将最终使他们走向更大的机会实现任何目标,他们为自己确定!

Milt Campbell is a good friend of mine.鱼鱼白坎贝尔是一个很好的朋友。 He and I have shared many hours together discussing the very topic of persistence.我和他有许多共同的时间一起讨论题目的毅力。 Milt was a Decathlete in the Olympic Games held in Helsinki, Finland in 1952.鱼鱼白是一个十项全能运动员在这届奥运会在赫尔辛基举行,芬兰于1952年。 His goal was to capture gold for the US.他的目标是捕捉黄金为美国。 Unfortunately, another fierce competitor who had taken home the gold four years previous in London wasn’t satisfied with one gold, Bob Mathias wanted two; Milt had to settle for silver.不幸的是,另一项激烈的竞争者,他们已采取主页金牌,四年前在伦敦已不再满足于一金,鲍勃是学生,通缉两名;鱼鱼白了,收为银色。 That did not deter Milt one bit.这并不阻止鱼鱼白一比特。 He had formed the habit of persistence and four years later in Melbourne, Australia, Milt won the gold medal, earning him the title of the greatest athlete in the world.他已形成了习惯,毅力, 4年后,在澳大利亚墨尔本,鱼鱼白赢得了金牌,赢得了为他赢得最大的运动员,在世界上。

On numerous occasions Milt has said, “There were many guys in school who were far better athletes than me, but they quit.” I can recount story after story about individuals who overcame obstacles so great, but only did so because they dared persist.多次鱼鱼白说, "当时有很多人在学校的人好得多的运动员比我,但他们辞职, "我可以重新故事之后,故事的人,克服障碍,使大,但只有这样做,是因为他们敢于坚持。 These individuals are no different than you and I.这5个人是没有什么不同,你和一。

Ultimately persistence becomes a way of life, but that is not where it begins.最终毅力变成一种生活的方式,但并不代表那里开始。 To develop the mental strength – persistence - you must first want something.发展精神力量-毅力-你必须首先想要的东西。 You have to WANT something so much that it becomes a heated desire… a passion in your belly.你想要的东西这么多,它成了一场激烈的愿望… …一种激情在你的腹部。 You must fall in love with that idea.你必须坠入爱河与这一想法。 Yes, literally fall in love with the idea and magnetize yourself to every part of the idea.是的,从字面上来看坠入爱河与理念与磁化给自己的每一个部分,这一想法。 At that point, persistence will be virtually automatic.在这一点上,毅力,将几乎自动的。

Persistence is a subject I have studied all of my adult life and I can tell you one thing I know for certain: very few people ever, mentally or verbally, say to themselves… this is what I really want and I am prepared to give my life for it, and thus, they never develop the persistence to achieve it.毅力是一个课题,我研究过所有我的成年生活,我可以告诉你一件事,我知道肯定的是:极少数人有史以来,精神上或口头上,说自己…这就是我真的想和我准备给我的生活,因此,他们从不开发毅力,以达到这个目标。

Persistence is a unique mental strength; a strength that is essential to combat the fierce power of the repeated rejections and numerous other obstacles that sit in waiting and are all part of winning in a fast-moving, ever-changing world.毅力是一个独特的精神力量;强项,这一点至关重要,以对付激烈的权力一再被拒绝和许多其他的障碍,静坐等候,并都部分获奖,在快速移动的,不断变化的世界。 As Napoleon Hill found out, there are hundreds of highly successful men and women who have cut a path for others to follow, while leaving their mark on the scrolls of history… and every one of these great individuals was persistent.正如拿破仑希尔发现,有数百个极为成功的男人和女人谁已把道路,为其他国家效法,而留下了印记对春联的历史, … …每一个这些大是大非的个人是持久性。 In many cases it was the only quality that separated them from everyone else.在许多情况下,这是唯一的特质,使他们分开,由其他人也是这样。

It is generally believed that a lack of persistence is a consequence of a weak willpower.人们普遍认为缺乏毅力,是一个后果薄弱的意志力。 That is not true.事实并非如此。 A person could have a highly evolved willpower and still lack the persistence required to keep moving forward in life.一个人能有一个高度进化的意志和仍然缺乏毅力须不断推向前进,在生活中。 In more cases than not, if a person lacks persistence, they do not have a goal that is worthy of them, a desirable goal that excites them to their very core.在更多情况下比没有,如果一个人缺乏毅力,他们不有一个目标,就是值得的,一个理想的目标,激发他们到非常核心。

Though willpower is important in moving a person toward their goal, if there is ever a war between the will and the imagination, the imagination will win every time.尽管意志力是非常重要的,在动的人,对他们的目标,如果有任何时候都之间的战争意志和想象力,想象力会赢得一切。 What that means is: you’re powered by desire and fuelled by the dream you hold.是什么意思是:你正在由愿望和助长了梦想,你搁置。 Once you start to use your imagination to help you build a bigger picture of your dream, to define and refine it until you get it just right in your mind, the emotion that is triggered by that desire far outweighs any force that may be caused by sheer will alone.一旦你开始使用你的想象力,帮助你建立一个更大的了解你的梦想,以界定和完善它,直到你重新得到它恰恰好,在您心目中的情感是引发这种欲望远远大于任何力量可以造成纯粹是将单。 I am not suggesting the will does not have to be developed, it does.我并非暗示意愿并不需要去开发的,它需要。 It must become highly developed in order to direct you toward the image with which you are emotionally involved.它必须成为高度发达的,以直接对你的形象与你在感情上参与。

Your intellectual factors hold the potential for enormous good when they are properly employed.你的智力因素进行了潜力巨大的好时,他们妥善就业。 However, you must remember that everything has an opposite and any of your intellectual factors can turn, without warning, into destructive lethal enemies when they are directed toward results that are not wanted.但是,你必须记住,任何事都有一个相反的,并没有你的智力因素,可反过来,如果没有预警,转变为毁灭性致命的敌人时,他们针对其结果往往不想要了。 It is easy to find individuals who are persistently doing what they don’t want to do and achieving results that they do not want.这是很容易了解的人都坚持去做自己不想做,并取得实际成效,他们不想。 A lack of persistence is not their problem; that person is persisting to their own detriment.缺乏毅力,是不是他们的问题,即人是坚持以自己不利。 Ignorance and paradigms are the enemy that we must defeat.无知和范式是敌人,我们一定要打败。 Everyone is persistent.人人持久性。 Our objective must be to put persistence to work for us rather than against us.我们的目标必须是把毅力来为我们工作,而不是对我们不利。

Vision and desire have to be the focus of your attention if you’re going to develop persistence into the great ally it can become.理想和愿望,要成为焦点,你的注意,如果你要去的持续发展成为伟大的盟友,它也越长。

Another excellent example of persistence was demonstrated when, in 1953, a beekeeper from Auckland, NZ, Edmund Hillary and his native guide, Tenzing Norguay, became the first two people to climb Mt. Everest and return, after having tried and failed the two previous years.另一个很好的例子毅力表现时,在1953年,一个养蜂人从奥克兰,新西兰,埃德蒙希拉里和他的母语为指导,的Tenzing norguay ,成为第一个有两个人攀登珠峰及回报,之后尝试而失败了前两次年。

Hillary had two obvious character strengths that took him to the very top —- vision and desire.希拉里有两个明显的特征优势,带他到非常热门-远景和愿望。 Even despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges, he had no trouble persisting with the strenuous acts that were required because every act was hooked into the image of him standing on top of the mountain.甚至尽管似乎无法克服的挑战,他并没有麻烦,坚持与艰苦的行为,分别规定,因为每个行为是钩到的形象,他站在山顶。 They were expressed because of his persistence, but he was persistent because he was emotionally involved with the image.他们表示,由于他的执着,但他坚持不懈,因为他是涉及情绪与形象。 Without persistence, all his skills would have meant nothing.如果没有毅力,他的所有技能将没有实际意义。

Persistence is an expression of the mental strength that is essential in almost every profession, where repeated rejection and obstacles are part of a daily routine.毅力是一个表达的精神力量,这是必需的,几乎在每一个行业,而一再拒绝和障碍的一个组成部分,每天的例行公事。

In closing, let me give you four relatively simple steps that will help you to turn persistence into a habit.最后,让我给你的四个比较简单的步骤,将帮助你把毅力成为一种习惯。 These steps can be followed by virtually anyone.这些步骤可以遵循,几乎任何人。

1. 1 。 Have a clearly defined goal.有个明确的目标。 The goal must be something you are emotionally involved with, something you want very much.目标必须是你情绪参与,你要非常珍惜。 (In the beginning, you may not even believe that you can accomplish it—the belief will come.) (在开始时,您可能不相信你们能够做到-信仰来)

2. 2 。 Have a clearly established plan that you can begin working on immediately.有一个明确既定工作计划,你就可以开始工作,就立即。 (Your plan will very likely only cover the first and possibly the second stage of the journey to your goal. As you begin executing your plan, other steps required to complete your journey will be revealed at the right time.) (你的计划极有可能将只涵盖第一,并可能在第二阶段的征程,以你的目标,作为你开始执行你的计划外,其他所需步骤完成你的旅程会透露,在适当的时候) 。

3. 3 。 Make an irrevocable decision to reject any and all negative suggestions that come from friends, relatives or neighbors.作出不可改变的决定,拒绝任何和一切消极的建议,来自亲戚朋友或邻居。 Do not give any conscious attention to conditions or circumstances that appear to indicate the goal cannot be accomplished.不要给任何有意识地注意条件或情况下,这似乎表明该目标不能完成。

4. 4 。 Establish a mastermind group of one or more people who will encourage, support and assist you wherever possible.建立一个集团主脑的一个或一个以上的人,将鼓励,支持和帮助,你只要有可能。

What do you dream of doing with your life?你有什么梦想,做你的生命? Do it.做到这一点。 Begin right now and never quit.首先,目前并没有退出市场。 There is greatness in you.有伟大的你。 Let it out.让电脑离开。 Be persistent.坚持不懈。

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