If you read this, statistically you are not making a six figure income.如果您阅读了这一点,在统计上没有对您作出了6数字的收入。 We would all like to get make a lot of money so that we can be financially independent, but not all of us are willing to do what it takes together there.我们大家都希望得到作出了很多钱,使我们可以在财政上独立,但不是我们所有人都愿意这样做有什么需要一起。 You can’t just take an application down to a major corporation and expect six figures; you have to do some work to get there.你不能只是采取一种应用下降至一个主要公司,并期望6数字;你必须做一些工作,取得有。 If you’re up for the challenge, here’s how you can earn at least $100,000 each year.如果您正在为挑战,在这里的你如何可赚取至少十点○○○万美元每年。

The first thing you need to do is choose the right profession.第一件事,你需要做的是选择合适的专业。 Some jobs are just a lot better paying than others.一些工作,只是好多了付出比别人。 You won’t make six figures being a janitor.您将不会使6的数字,作为一个校工。 This statement is pretty obvious, yet so many people ignore this information and get that psychology major anyway.这项声明是很明显,但这么多的人却忽略了这方面的资料,并拿到心理学的主要无论如何。 This does certainly not mean you should try to be an actor, because Tom Cruise makes millions of dollars for each movie he’s in. You should choose a career, such as finance, medicine, law, or higher education that anyone can do very well with if they work extremely hard at it.这当然并不意味着你应该设法一名演员,因为汤姆克鲁斯,使数百万美元为每部电影,他的英寸您应该选择的职业,如金融,医药,法律,或接受高等教育,任何人都可以做到非常以及如果他们的工作非常努力。 Before even considering an education, you need to figure out what you want to do, and find a niche in that industry that will pay very well.之前,即使考虑到教育,你需要弄清楚什么你想做的事,并寻找利基在这方面的产业将支付很好。

The second thing you need to do is become the right person for the right profession.第二件事,你需要做的就是成为权利人的权利界。 Yes, this means getting an education, whether it be self taught or through some sort of post-secondary education.是的,这意味着获得教育,无论是自我教导或通过某种形式的中学后教育。 Look at all of the different advertisements for the positions that you want to be, and see what they require.看看所有不同的广告,为的立场,你想成为,看看他们的要求。 This will tell you exactly what you need to learn and become experienced in. Study on a part-time basis if you can’t fully commit yourself to a new education.这将告诉你,究竟你需要学习,并成为经验丰富英寸的研究一的部分时间的基础上如果你不能充分承诺给自己一个新的教育。 Even if you pick out the right job, chances are you won’t make six-figures right away.即使您挑选出正确的工作,机会是您将不会使6 -数字的权利。 Doctors have to be interns and residents before they can be part of a private practice.医生要实习及住院医师,才可以的一个组成部分私人执业。 This is the step that requires the largest time commitment, and where many people seem to fail.这是一步,需要时间,最大的承诺,并在很多人似乎要失败的。 If you can manage to hold out for long enough, you’ll get all of the education that you need.如果你能管理进行了足够长的,您将获得所有的教育,您所需要的。

One more note about your education, when you are in school, do everything you possibly can for experience.一更注意对您的教育,当你在学校,尽一切可能,你可以为经验。 Polish up your resume by taking a part-time job in the field, do undergraduate research, join campus organizations, and the like.波兰您的恢复,采取了部分时间制工作在外地,这样做本科的研究,加入校园组织,等等。 This will put you above everyone else aiming for the great jobs.这会将你以上的其他所有人的目标是伟大的工作。 Keep a resume going throughout school, and look at it every month and think of ways to improve it.保持恢复前往全国各地的学校,并期待在它的每一个月,想办法加以改善。 You also need to practice job interviewing while in school.您还需要实践,就业面试,而在学校。 During your junior year, feel free to apply for jobs even if you know there’sa very low chance that you will take them.在你的年级,请随时申请工作,即使你知道有一个非常低的机会,你会采取他们。 Do reading about interviewing and consider visiting the campus’s career services offices for some extra education.这样做读约采访,并考虑在参观校园的职业生涯服务办事处为一些额外的教育。

It’s not enough to have the right education and be the right person for the job; you have to be at the right place to get the right job.它没有足够的有教育的权利,并有权的人就业;你必须在正确的位置,以得到正确的工作。 Let’s face it, some geographical regions in the United States pay a lot better than others.让我们面对它,一些地理区域,在美国付出了很多优于他人。 You probably won’t get a great information technology job by being in rural South Dakota, that’s just not how the economy works.您可能不会获得很大的信息技术工作,被在农村南达科他州,这只是没有如何经济工程。 Spend some time looking, and consider where you might want to move to that has high demand for your field, and where the cost of living is not outrageous.花一些时间研究,并考虑如果您可能会想要移动到已高的需求,为您的领域,和那里的生活费用是不离谱。

When you are approaching graduation, and have reached some sort consensus as to where you might want to move to, you need to find your first entry level job.当你正在接近毕业,并已达成某种共识的地方,你可能要移动,你需要找到你的第一个入门级的工作。 You will not make six figures starting out most likely, but that’s not the point.您将不会使6的数字出发,最有可能的,但这不点。 Most campuses even bring in recruiters to interview students.最校园,甚至带来在招聘面试的学生。 You have to apply for a lot of different jobs too, at least 10, quite possibly 20.你有申请了很多不同的职位,也至少有10 ,很可能是20 。 Take the opportunity with the best chance for advancement and the best starting salary.借此机会,与最好的机会进步和最好的起薪点。 Work for a good six months, and then it’s time to move on up.工作有一个良好的六个月,然后它的时间提出对了。

After you’ve got six months to a year of job experience, you will probably have learned a lot.之后,您有半年到一年的工作经验,你可能会学到了很多东西。 Chances are you’ve learned more in your first year of work than you did all through college.机会是您了解更多的在您的第一年的工作比你做所有大学。 You’re ready for more than an entry level position.您准备好了一个多入门级的地位。 Search for better pay and more responsibility.寻求更好的薪资和更多的责任。 Keep your current job while you are searching for jobs so that you can afford to eat.保持您目前的工作,而你是寻找工作,让您可以负担得起吃。 Generally it’s better to switch to another employer because it’s easier to get a raise that way, and will gain new experience from another company.一般来说,更好的切换到另一雇主,因为它更容易得到提高,这样,并会获得新的经验,从另一家公司。 You probably won’t hit six figures by your second job, but a year or two later, try to move up in job again.你可能会打不到6的数字,由你的第二个工作,但一年或两年后,尝试提出了在就业。 Use your experience and skill set to find a job a bit more up the corporate ladder as time goes on, and eventually you will reach that magic six figure mark.使用您的经验和技能找不到工作,多一点了企业的阶梯,随着时间的推移,最终你会达到这一数字魔术6马克。

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