By Rosie Powel 由Rosie鲍威尔

Sit comfortably as in a position that you would use to normally舒适地坐在由于在一个位置,你会用正常
meditate…and replace your meditation with this one.打坐… …并取代你的冥想与这一个。
Relax, and imagine you are a beautiful waterfall.放松,同时想象你是一个美丽的瀑布。 [Give yourself a [最佳选择
few moments for this] Now…repeat a few times in your mind…or几分钟这个]现在…重复几次后,在你的心… …或
ask your guide to do so for you…he/she just might.问你的指导这样做的名字… …他/她只是可能。
“The water flows in…..the water flows away… "水的流动… ..水流远离…

See yourself as the water flows into you, and see yourself as the看到自己的水流入你,并看到自己作为
water flows away from you…You are still a waterfall, you are水流远离你… …你仍然是一处瀑布,你是
allowing the water to flow from above into you, and to flow outwards让水流动,从上面到你,并以流向外
away from you.远离你。

You are a beautiful waterfall…water flows into you, water flows你是一个美丽的瀑布…水流入你,水流量
out from you.从你的。 You are refreshed, you are cleansed, you are healed,你是活力再现,你是清洗,你是愈合,
and you are quenched.你是淬火。
See the animals and the people rest within you, see them being看到动物和人的休息,让你看到他们正
quenched, being refreshed in you.淬火后,被刷新,在你的。 See them being cleansed, being看到他们被清洗,被
healed in you.抚平你。

The Water flows into you, the Water flows out from you.该水流入你,水流从你的。

The sun shines on you and you sparkle and twinkle, rainbow colours太阳对你和你旌宇和眨眼,彩虹的颜色
form and disappear in you…you are glorious, you are beautiful.形式和消失,你… …你是光荣,你是美丽的。
The moon shines on you and you are luminescent.月亮照你,你发光。
You reflect her face and the see the stars twinkle within you.你反映她的脸和看到星星眨眼让你参与。

The Water flows into you, the Water flows out from you.该水流入你,水流从你的。

A pond is formed where your feet are.一个池塘形成了你的脚。 Within that pond people can这一池的人可
sit, swim or play.薛先生,游泳或玩。 The waters quench them and relax them, it水解渴,并放宽对他们的,它
cleanses them洁净了他们
and refreshes them.及清爽。
They learn and experience from their immersion within you.他们学习和经验,从他们沉浸在你们心里。

You are the waterfall.你是瀑布。 The waters flow into you…from above.水域流入你… …从以上。 The
waters flow out from below.水流量从下面。
The waters are all colours, all spirits.水域都是颜色,所有烈酒。 You accept them, you enfold你接受他们,你enfold
them, and you let them go.他们,你让他们走。 You give them to others, you use them,你把它们送给别人,你使用它们,
you release them.你放他们出来。

You are the waterfall, you are beautiful你是瀑布,你是美丽的

The Water flows into you, and the Water flows out from you.该水流入你,和水流出来,从你的。

Namaste…. namaste … 。

In deepest love在深切的爱