Extra!课外! Extra!课外! Read all about it!阅读所有关于它! Here we are with the 13th edition of the Success Blog Carnival at Cultivate Greatness!在这里,我们是同泳坛的成功博客嘉年华培育伟大! A great amount of wisdom to share within this edition of our Blog Carnival… many, many golden nuggets of wisdom to share.大量的智慧,分享在这一版我们的博客嘉年华…很多很多的黄金金块智慧的分享。

Thanks for your submissions!谢谢你的份了! I have increases the frequency of carnivals that I put out to once every 2 weeks instead of once a month, so that there are fewer entries on it, making it easier to read all the stuff.我已增加班次的嘉年华会,我提出了以每隔2周而不是每月一次,所以有较少的参赛作品就它,使它更容易阅读所有的东西。 There are SO many great articles here, its unreal.有这么多伟大的文章,在这里,它的虚幻。

Also, if you article is listed in this blog carnival, please provide a linkback to CultivateGreatness.com somewhere on your site, to provide a nice circle of link love!另外,如果您的文章,列举在这博客嘉年华,请提供一份linkback以cultivategreatness.com某处对你的网站,以提供一尼斯圈连爱情! :-)

Here we are in April.在这里,我们是在4月。 The year is 1/4th over.今年是1/4th以上。 Make sure to stay on task with your goals and move forward toward your dreams.请务必留下的任务与你的目标向前迈进,朝着你的梦想。 You deserve them!你们应该知道! Thanks for making the April 20th, 2007 edition of the Cultivate Greatness, Success and Personal Growth BlogCarnival a success!感谢,使2007年4月20日版的培育伟大,成功与个人成长blogcarnival成功!


Ybother presents ybother礼物 Top 10 Surefire Ways To Come Up With A Million Dollar Idea十大万全之策如何想出了一个数百万美元的想法 posted at张贴在 TodaysTen.com: Daily Top Ten List to jumpstart your knowledge todaysten.com :每日十大名单的JumpStart您的知识


Leslie Feldman presents 莱斯利布什最后礼物 Research Reveals A Cellular Basis For A Male Biological Clock研究揭示了蜂窝基础上建立一个男性生理时钟 posted at张贴在 AGE OF THE FATHER AND HEALTH OF FUTURE GENERATIONS岁的父亲和健康的后代 , saying, “For successful, happy, healthy, life-loving children, learn about the male biological clock.他说, "对于成功,快乐,健康,生命的热爱儿童,了解男性生理时钟。 This very kind man, Dr. Narendra P. Singh, really cares about children’s health.这非常客气的人,医生纳伦德拉辛格页,真正关心儿童的健康。 He hasn’t been funded by the NIH to do the follow-up research to refine his original findings.他并没有被资助的,由国家卫生研究院做后续研究,以改进原有的调查结果。 From his and from other research studies, I have learned that for the health and all around well being of kids, father them when you are 22-31 and cryopreserve sperm for any later fathering of babies in your 20s to 32.”从他和其他研究工作,我学到的是为健康及遍布福祉的孩子,他们的父亲时,你是22-31和cryopreserve精子,为以后的任何治理的婴儿,你在20多岁到32岁之间。 "

Caroline Latham presents 卡洛琳莱瑟姆礼物 Easy Steps to Improve Your Brain Health Now简单的步骤,以改善你的大脑健康,现在 posted at张贴在 SharpBrains sharpbrains , saying, “Improving your brain fitness can help you perform better today and maintain your independence tomorrow.”他说, "改善你的大脑健身可以帮助你有更好的表现,今天并保持你的独立性明天" 。

JoLynn Braley presents jolynn braley礼物 How To Use Your Brain to Lose Weight如何使用你的大脑减肥 posted at张贴在 The Fit Shack适合夏克波 , saying, “This article could span a couple of different categories; it involves using your “personal computer” (aka your brain) to help you lose weight.他说: "这条可跨度几个不同的类别,它涉及到用你的"个人电脑" (又名你的大脑) ,以帮助你减肥。 When you program your subconscious mind with the conscious use of written affirmations, you can create unlimited positive changes in your life.”当你计划你的潜意识心态与自觉地用书面誓词,你可以创造无限的积极变化,在你的生活" 。

seanjames presents seanjames礼物 Practicing good sleeping hygiene修炼好睡觉生 posted at张贴在 Insurance, Car donations and others…hehe保险,汽车捐赠和其他人…赫赫 , saying, “this post is about combating insomnia, please read this post for this might be helpful and do leave a comment..thanks by the way…”他说: "这个职位是关于打击失眠,请阅读这个职位,这可能会有所帮助,并做留下评论..感谢由路… … "


Jonathan Pippenger presents 乔纳森pippenger礼物 Spring is the Time for a Renaissance春季是时间为文艺复兴 posted at张贴在 Jonathan Pippenger乔纳森pippenger , saying, “A brief thought on spring and personal growth.”他说: "短暂的思考春季及个人成长" 。

Elvis D presents 猫王d礼物 You Should Be An Actor你应该是一个演员 posted at张贴在 OneSmallWindow onesmallwindow .

Jane Chin presents 詹氏下巴礼物 Things To Do Once in a Life Time必做之事,一旦在一生中难忘的时光 posted at张贴在 Jane Chin PhD詹氏下巴博士学位 , saying, “Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, when we are here, we are living our “one” life time.他说: "无论你是否相信轮回与否,当我们在这里说,我们生活,我们的"一个"生命时间。 I wonder how many things I could have done - and would have wanted to do - at least once in my life time, before it ends.”我想知道有多少东西,我可以做的-而且会对想做的事-至少一次,在我生命中的时候,才结束"。

Barbra Sundquist presents 芭芭拉sundquist礼物 One Gear, No Breaks: Behind the Scenes其中一个齿轮,没有休息:幕后 posted at张贴在 HomeBusinessWiz homebusinesswiz , saying, “In Part 3 of my interview with Olympic Champion Lori-Ann Muenzer, we talk about her new book One Gear No Breaks and the documentary of the same name.他说: "在第3部分,我采访了奥运会冠军卢尔-安闵采尔,我们谈论她的新著一齿轮没有休息和专题片的同一个名字。 Lori-Ann was 38 years old when she won a gold medal in cycling at the Athens Olympic Games.卢尔- ANN的是38岁的时候,她夺得金牌的自行车在雅典奥运会上。 She’s overcome many obstacles in her quest for excellence.她克服了许多障碍,她在追求卓越。 In addition to her new book and documentary, Lori-Ann has started a motivational speakers business featuring inspiring Canadian women from the sports, music and media industries.”除了她的新书和纪录片,卢尔- ANN技术已开始在动机扬声器业务具有鼓舞人心的加拿大妇女从体育,音乐和媒体产业" 。

Joseph Bernard presents 约瑟夫伯纳德礼物 When You Ask The Guidance Will Be There当你问的指导,将有 posted at张贴在 Explore Life探索生命 , saying, “This article is about intuition and the guidance available to us.他说: "这条是关于直觉和指导,提供给我们。 Comes with one fo my favorite stories”说到同一个我最喜爱的故事"

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - What Is Meditation? sadhguru jaggi vasudev -什么是冥想吗? posted at张贴在 meditationliving.com , saying, “One of the greats in the transcendental meditation fields’ take on What’s Meditation?”他说: "其中一个最伟大组合中超脱静坐领域'采取什么的沉思" ?

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 The Origins Of Yoga, Meditation And Spirituality起源瑜珈,冥想和灵性 posted at张贴在 meditationliving.com , saying, “origins of meditation and yoga”他说, "起源的冥想和瑜珈"

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 MindHacks.Org » Blog Archive » 13 Million People Hug Strangers And Brighten Up Their Lives! mindhacks.org »博客档案» 13万人拥抱陌生人,并照亮了他们的生命! posted at张贴在 MindHacks.Org mindhacks.org , saying, “Truly inspirational campaign that gripped the imagination of a whole city, 13 million views on you tube”他说: "真正鼓舞人心的运动,更深的想象力整座城市, 1300万的意见,你管"

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 MindHacks.Org » Blog Archive » Modern Day Rainman Turned Michael Jordan mindhacks.org »博客档案»现今rainman转向迈克尔乔丹 posted at张贴在 MindHacks.Org mindhacks.org , saying, “Inspirational Video of trouble Child who is on top of the world”他说: "灵感的视频麻烦的孩子,才是最重要的世界"

Alan presents 梁家杰介绍 Spiritual tidbits精神文明花絮 posted at张贴在 Made to Be Great作出了很大 .

Tushar Mathur presents tushar mathur礼物 7 Secrets of Success七成功秘诀 posted at张贴在 Life of a Resident Alien…生活居住的外国人… .

Law of Attraction吸引定律

Edward Mills presents 爱德华米尔斯介绍 The Secret And Simpleology: Mark Joyner’s Surprising Thoughts秘密simpleology :马克joyner令人惊奇的思考 posted at张贴在 Edward Mills爱德华米尔斯 .

Joseph Bernard presents 约瑟夫伯纳德礼物 Open To Receive公开接受 posted at张贴在 Explore Life探索生命 , saying, “This article is about being receptive to abundance.他说: "这条是关于听取富足。 I had an insight you might find interesting.”我有见地,你会觉得有趣" 。

presents礼物 Law of Attraction吸引定律 posted at张贴在 Success Step成功的一步 .

Alan presents 梁家杰介绍 After The Secret经过秘密 posted at张贴在 Made to Be Great作出了很大 .

Yann Kiraly presents 李燕kiraly礼物 What a productive day!什么是生产性的一天! posted at张贴在 Accept Freedom!接受自由! , saying, “This is a short article about the role of giving in conscious creation, success and the law of attraction.”他说: "这是一个短期的文章的作用,使在有意识地创作,成就及吸引定律" 。

Debra Moorhead presents 对此, moorhead礼物 On a Rampage对横行 posted at张贴在 Debra Moorhead.com对此, moorhead.com .

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 Rhonda Byrne - The Secret Of How The Secret Came About rhonda伯恩-秘密如何秘密来到约 posted at张贴在 The Secret Notes秘密笔记 , saying, “Rhonda Byrne Amazing Audios blog”他说: " rhonda伯恩惊人的影音博客"

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 Join The Secret Debate In This Live Discussion On CBS News参加秘密辩论,在此居住的讨论CBS新闻 posted at张贴在 The Secret Notes秘密笔记 , saying, “Debate on The Secret”他说: "辩论的秘密"

Ellesse presents ellesse礼物 Want to Join Me in a Vision Board Experiment?想和我一起,在视觉董事会实验吗? posted at张贴在 Goal Setting College目标设置学院 .


John Hill presents 约翰希尔礼物 Can You Cheat the Universe?你能欺骗宇宙? posted at张贴在 Universe Of Success宇宙中的成功 .

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 Can Science Explain Near Death Experiences科学能解释接近死亡经验 posted at张贴在 MindHacks.Org mindhacks.org , saying, “Hollywood superstars having near death experiences”他说: "好莱坞巨星有接近死亡的经历"

Paula Kawal presents 保kawal礼物 The Truth About Clutter真相杂波 posted at张贴在 paula kawal保kawal .

life coaching生活教练

presents礼物 Inner Peace内心的平安 posted at张贴在 Success Step成功的一步 .

David Richeson presents 朱richeson礼物 How To Define Your True Purpose and Passion in Life如何界定你的真实目的和激情人生 posted at张贴在 360 Degree Success 360度成功 , saying, “Practical questions to help you define your true purpose and passion and live a much happier and better life.”他说: "实际问题,以帮助你确定你的真正目的是激情和生活的更快乐和更美好的生活" 。

Hueina Su presents hueina苏礼物 The Most Important Relationship in Your Life最重要的关系,在你的生活 posted at张贴在 Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul密集护理为nurturer的灵魂 , saying, “Most people are either looking for love in all the wrong places, or entering/staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons.他说: "大多数人都是在寻找爱情,在所有错误的地方,或进入/逗留在一个关系,为错误的理由。 There is one single most important relationship you need to work on, in order to ensure happiness in all of your other relationships.”有一个单一的,最重要的关系,你需要的工作,以确保幸福,在您的所有其它关系" 。


Madeleine Begun Kane presents 开始时曾向凯恩礼物 Ode To Unselfishness颂歌,以无私奉献 posted at张贴在 Mad Kane’s Humor Blog疯狂凯恩的幽默博客 .


Alan presents 梁家杰介绍 Self-Esteem - How to pump it up自尊-如何能把水了 posted at张贴在 Made to Be Great作出了很大 .

Suhaimi presents 苏海米礼物 Inspirational Cliff Young, a farmer who inspires a nation灵感的悬崖年轻,一位农民,激发民族 posted at张贴在 My Inspirational Quotes我的启发性行情 , saying, “An inspirational story of how a 61 year old farmer attempted the unthinkable and inspired a nation.”他说: "是一个鼓舞人心的故事,如何在61岁的农民企图不可想象和鼓舞着一个民族" 。

Personal Development个人发展

Cardin Lilly Routh presents Cardin )来劳斯礼物 What I Learned at the Taco Shack我所了解,在taco夏克波 posted at张贴在 OptmistLab.com optmistlab.com , saying, “Recently, I learned a big lesson from a very little girl.他说, "最近,我学到了很大的教训,从一个非常小女孩。 This article is about what she taught me—that joy is everywhere, in the obvious things of beauty and in the not so obvious.这篇文章是什么,她使我领悟到,即喜的是无处不在,在明显的事物之美,以及在不那么明显。 It’s all there, all the time.这一切都在那里,所有的时间。 We only have to be willing to see.”我们只有才会愿意看看" 。

Ryle presents ryle礼物 Education and Time Management教育与时间管理 posted at张贴在 The Thinking Men思想男人 , saying, “This post is all about how a successful time management program can allow us to personally develop faster through exposure to new ideas and concepts via continuing education.”他说: "这个职位是如何取得成功的时间管理计划,可以让我们亲自动手,发展得更快,通过接触新的思想和观念,通过继续教育" 。

Robert Hunt presents 罗伯特亨特礼物 The Seven Principles Of Hawaiian Huna这七条原则的湖南夏威夷 posted at张贴在 MySelfDevelopment.net myselfdevelopment.net .

Moses E. Miles III presents 摩西五英里三礼物 Accepting Change接受改变 posted at张贴在 Three Sticks三枝 , saying, “Overcome your fear and embrace change”他说: "克服你的恐惧和拥抱变化"

Bryce Beattie presents bryce贝蒂礼物 Studying The Masters学习的主人 posted at张贴在 Success Giants成功的巨人 , saying, “This article reviews nine tip for studying self improvement as suggested by Dale Carnegie in “How To Win Friends & Influence People.”"他说: "这条评语九个秘诀学习自我改进的建议,由戴尔卡内基的"如何赢得朋友和影响力的人" 。 "

GP presents GP的礼物 I Shoulda’ been a Cowgirl i shoulda '是一个cowgirl posted at张贴在 Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping鱼溪房子-。 I nnsidei nnkeeping , saying, “How we handle the tough times styas with us a long time.他说: "我们如何处理艰苦时刻styas与我们很长的时间。 We can learn alot from the quintessential “cowboy” But when you’re finding someone who defines who and what America is, that’s the cowboy: grit and determination and hard work and love for freedom and what you have.”我们可以学到很多东西,从最精深的"牛仔" ,而是当你发现有人定义了谁和什么是美,这就是牛仔:粗砂和决心,勤奋工作和热爱自由和你们的" 。

Susan Velez presents 苏珊介绍瓦雷兹 Keeping Your Motivation Up保持你的动机了 posted at张贴在 The Secret To Life秘密生活 .

Aaron M. Potts presents 阿伦米家公司介绍 Wonder Twin Powers - ACTIVATE!难怪孪生权力-激活! posted at张贴在 Today is that Day今天是那一天 .

Moneywalks presents moneywalks礼物 Credit Card Update信用卡更新 posted at张贴在 moneywalks .

Alan presents 梁家杰介绍 Emotional IQ?情绪智商? - Predictor of Success -预测成功 posted at张贴在 Made to Be Great作出了很大 .

Shauna Arthurs presents shauna阿瑟斯礼物 Personal Development: Hey You!个人发展:嘿,你! Wake Up!!醒来! posted at张贴在 Law of Attraction|Breathing Prosperity |Cross the Wealth Gap Today!吸引定律|呼吸繁荣|两岸贫富差距的今天! .

Wayne C. Allen presents 韦恩长阿伦礼物 Love: doing all in your power to encourage another to accept their wholeness.爱情:尽一切在你的权力,以鼓励另一个接受他们的整体性。 posted at张贴在 The Phoenixcentre Blog该phoenixcentre博客 .

jendiren presents jendiren礼物 Have standards when it comes to your friends有标准的时候,它给你的朋友 posted at张贴在 kennubo.blogspot.com , saying, “having standards when it comes to friends and how it can boost your success”他说, "有标准,当涉及到的朋友,以及如何可以刺激你的成功"

Michael Estep, Ph.D. presents 迈克尔estep博士介绍 Right-Brain Training - Practical Applications Part 2右大脑训练-实际应用P ART2 posted at张贴在 Intuitive Feeling-Learning直观感觉学习 .

Susan Velez presents 苏珊介绍瓦雷兹 Out Of The Blue出于蓝 posted at张贴在 The Secret To Life秘密生活 .

finerminds presents finerminds礼物 What Is Real Beauty?什么是真正的美? posted at张贴在 MindHacks.Org mindhacks.org , saying, “What is real beauty?他说, "什么是真正的美? A truly sensational video of how marketing experts can give women low self-esteem.”一个真正的煽情视频如何营销专家,可以给予妇女低自尊" 。

Alvin Soon presents 阿尔文尽快礼物 Getting Your Life On Track Part 1你的生活轨道,第1部分 posted at张贴在 Life Coaches Blog生活教练博客 .

Jeremy Reeves presents 杰里里维斯礼物 Refuse To Be Average拒绝被平均 posted at张贴在 The Road To A Perfect Life道路,以一个完美的人生 .

Erek Ostrowski presents erek奥斯托夫斯基介绍 The New England Legacy Discovery, May 18-20, 2007新英格兰遗产的发现, 5月18日至20日, 2007 posted at张贴在 Verve Coaching锦上添花教练 , saying, “An opportunity for men to learn and to teach.”他说: "一个机会,为官兵学习的榜样,并教导" 。

gia combs-ramirez presents GIA的梳子-拉米雷斯介绍 From Sight to Insight从视线,以洞察 posted at张贴在 The Science of Energy Healing科学的能源愈合 , saying, “My journey from sight to insight included coming to peace with a traumatic event that occurred to me at age 12.他说, "我的旅程从观光向有识之士,包括未来的和平与创伤事件发生的,我是在12岁。 Years later I was able to understand how the trauma and those who instigated it helped me access one of my greatest spiritual gifts.”年后,我能够理解如何外伤以及那些鼓动,它帮助我获得我的一个最大的精神礼物" 。

Stategic Thinking stategic思维

Alex Shalman presents 徐家沙勒幔礼物 Why You Should Just Get Over It你为什么要把刚刚度过它 posted at张贴在 Self Help自救 , saying, “A good reason to get over a dispute, without becoming an emotional slave to your worries.”他说: "一个好理由,以获得一项争端,而不成为情绪的奴隶,以你的忧虑" 。

Sameer presents sameer礼物 The Underlying Problem背后的问题 posted at张贴在 Islamic Point伊斯兰点 .


Kim Roach presents 金正日罗奇礼物 What They Don?t Teach You In School他们唐?吨教你在学校 posted at张贴在 The Optimized Life优化生活 .

David presents 大卫介绍 Great Success Quotes – Part 1巨大的成功寻获-第1部分 posted at张贴在 Worldwide Success世界范围内取得成功 .

Wanda Grindstaff presents 万达grindstaff礼物 Be the Rhino, A Life of Purpose and Intention被犀牛,生命的目的和意图 posted at张贴在 Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset创造丰富的生活方式,开始与丰度的心态 , saying, “the Rhino knows where he is going and will not be misguided or held back by the beliefs of others”他说, "犀牛知道他在哪里去,并不会被误导或持回他人的信仰"

Bradley Woods presents 布拉德利伍兹礼物 Law of Success - Lesson 6 - Imagination法成功-教训六-想象 posted at张贴在 Conceive, Believe, Achieve受孕,相信实现 , saying, “A summary of the 6th lesson of Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success, Imagination.”他说: "总结了第六届教训拿破仑希尔的法成功的,想象力" 。

Wanda Grindstaff presents 万达grindstaff礼物 The Buck Stops Within - Accept Responsibility for your Success赖站内-接受责任,为你们的成功 posted at张贴在 Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset创造丰富的生活方式,开始与丰度的心态 , saying, “Accept responsibility for where you are and where you are going.”他说: "接受责任,如果你目前所在位置,你是打算" 。

Karen Lynch presents 卡伦林奇礼物 Creative创意 posted at张贴在 LivethePower livethepower .


Samuel Peery presents 塞缪尔peery礼物 Applying GTD principles to your personal finances - Part 1申请的GTD原则,以个人理财工具-第1部分 posted at张贴在 Getting Finances Done越来越财政做 , saying, “How to apply GTD principles to your personal finances”他说, "如何申请的GTD原则,以个人理财工具"

Brandon Peele presents 布兰登peele礼物 Spiritual Autolysis精神自溶 posted at张贴在 GT燃气轮机 .

Joseph Bernard presents 约瑟夫伯纳德礼物 Have A Billionaire Heart有一个亿万富翁心 posted at张贴在 Explore Life探索生命 , saying, “My site is about promoting peace, consciousness and each person’s highest expression”他说: "我的网站是关于促进和平,意识和每个人的最高表现" 。

Albert Foong presents 何俊仁foong礼物 Personal Development - The teachings of the Urban Monk » Blog Archive » Happiness: How to maximise pleasure and joy个人发展-遗训市区和尚»博客档案»幸福:如何最大限度地高兴和喜悦 posted at张贴在 Urban Monk都市和尚 .

Brandon Peele presents 布兰登peele礼物 Relationship to Truth关系真相 posted at张贴在 GT燃气轮机 .

Hueina Su presents hueina苏礼物 Life Balance Lessons: 7 Keys to Avoid Burnout生活平衡的教训: 7键,以避免职业倦怠 posted at张贴在 Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul密集护理为nurturer的灵魂 , saying, “Burnout could greatly impact a person’s physical & emotional health, relationships, work, and everyone related to him/her.他说: "工作倦怠,可以大大影响一个人的身体及情绪健康,人际关系,工作,和每个人都有关,以他/她。 When you are burned out, you can’t function at your best, and everyone you care about suffer with you.当你被烧毁了,你不能发挥出最佳状态,大家你关心受苦与您合作。 It’s not difficult to see that there is much at stake.这不难看出,有很多的利益。 Here are some proactive steps you can take today to prevent (or overcome) Nurturing Burnout.”这里有一些积极的步骤,你可以在今天,以防止(或克服) ,培育职业倦怠" 。

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