by Rick Tanzo由里克端三
Strategies are strategies.战略策略。 Dismiss for a moment from your mind what some people are saying about Bill Gates’ offensive practices he used to transform himself from a small business entrepreneur to a titan in the business world.辞退一个时刻,从您的想法是什么有人说,关于Bill Gates '进攻性的做法,他用来改造自己从一家小型企业的企业家到土卫六在商业世界。 There are yet honest-to-goodness strategies we can glean from his sleeves.有诚实的,但到善的策略,我们可以收集从他的袖子。 We can study, learn from [...]我们可以学习,借鉴[ … … ]

Professional development is critical to career advancements in the form of promotions, raises and new opportunities.专业发展是至关重要的职业生涯的进步的形式促销,提高和新的机会。 A continuous quest to learn new skills and techniques is important, because it is through these new abilities that you will position yourself for offers of greater responsibilities and leadership tasks in the workplace.不断追求学习新的技能和技巧是很重要的,因为它是透过这些新本领,你将自己的立场,为提供更大的责任和领导任务,在工作场所。 For example, since most advanced [...]例如,由于最先进的[ … … ]

Here at Cultivate Greatness, I receive tons of business books for review, sometimes more than I can possibly read… but, I want to make sure that you guys get the same benefit of knowing which business books are in the pipeline, that you may want to pick up.在这里培育的伟大,我收到吨的商业书籍以供审查,有时比我更不可能读… …但是,我想,以确保你们得到相同的利益,明知其中的商业书籍是在管道,您可能想要回升。
Since August 2007, I have received well over [...]自2007年8月,我收到了远超过[ … … ]

by Skellie @ AnyWired由skellie @ anywired
If you are — or would like to be — an entrepreneur, yet you’d be happy to earn enough to live the life you want rather than becoming filthy rich, lifestyle entrepreneurship might be a good fit for you.如果您是-或想-一个企业家,但你很乐意赚取足够的居住生活你想,而不是成为肮脏的丰富,生活方式,创业可能是一个良好的适合你。
Lifestyle entrepreneurs will generally base their ventures around time minimalism, or something they love, [...]生活方式的企业家通常会基地,其合资企业周围的时间极少,或一些他们喜欢的, [ … … ]

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