The way in which a person speaks can contribute either positively or negatively to a perception of magnetism.以何種方式一個人的講話能有助於無論是正面或負面的,以一種觀念的磁性。 Often, more significance is attached to the way something is said than to what is actually being said.很多時候,更重要的是重視的方式東西是說,比什麼,其實正說。 A forceful voice, which includes a consistent tone without vocalized pauses, connotes power, control, and confidence, thus contributing to a perception of magnetism.一個有力的聲音,其中包括一個一致的語氣沒有vocalized停頓,內涵的權力,控制和信心,從而有助於一種觀念的磁性。 On the other hand, a whispery, wimpy voice detracts from a person sounding confident and being able to take charge to influence others.在另一方面, whispery , wimpy的聲音,有損於一個人冠冕堂皇的信心,能負責,以影響他人。 Avoiding an annoying voice quality can have a positive impact on others.避免惱人的語音質量可以有正面的影響等。

One research surveyed a nationwide sample of 1,000 men and women, and asked the question, “Which irritating or unpleasant voice annoys you the most?” The answer was a whining, complaining, or nagging tone.一研究調查了全國的樣本, 1000年男性和女性,並詢問的問題, “刺激或不愉快的聲音annoys你最” ?答案是一個whining ,抱怨,或困擾的語調。 The same research concluded that we are judged by the way we sound and that careers can be damaged by an unpleasant voice.同時研究得出結論認為,我們判斷的方式,我們認為,健全和事業就會受到損害由一個不愉快的聲音。 People judge our intelligence much more by how we sound than how we dress.人民法官,我們的情報更是由我們如何健全比我們如何著裝。 However, the conclusion that voice quality contributes to or detracts from magnetism does not imply that there is no room for individuality in this dimension.不過,結論認為,語音質量,有助於或有損於磁性並不意味著是沒有餘地的個性在這方面。 A nice, pleasant and magnetic voice can encompass a wide range of regional accents, such as the former business executive and Reform Party presidential candidate H. Ross Perot and financier Donald Trump.好,愉快的和磁性的聲音,可以涵蓋廣泛的區域口音,如前者的業務執行和改革黨的總統候選人每小時羅斯佩羅特和融資唐納德特朗普。

The following are techniques that you can practice on your own to improve your voice quality:以下是技術,您可以在實踐中對自己,以改善您的語音質量:

1. 1 。 Listen to your voice on either a tape cassette, videocassette, or voicemail system.聆聽您的聲音,無論是盒式磁帶,錄像帶,或語音郵件系統。 Keep repeating the same message until you are satisfied that you sound like a confident and magnetic person.不斷重複同樣的訊息,直到你感到滿意的是,你聽起來像一個有信心和磁性的人。

2. 2 。 While listening to your voice, search for common voice problems such as a monotonous tone, squeakiness, an accent that is too thick or tendencies to mumble or to talk too fast.一邊聽您的聲音,尋求共同的聲音等問題,作為一個單調的語氣, squeakiness ,口音是太濃或傾向mumble或我的對話太快了。

3. 3 。 Several times per week visualize yourself speaking to work associates and practice using the voice quality you think will convey the impression that you are personally magnetic.多次,每星期在談到自己的可視化工作聯營公司及練習使用的語音質量,您認為會轉達的印象是,你是親自磁性。

4. 4 。 Consult a speech therapist or coach to help identify any facets of your voice that detract from your image.諮詢言語治療或教練,以幫助找出任何層面,你的聲音認為,無損於您的形象。

Changing the quality of your voice dramatically would take years because one’s voice is composed of so many ingrained, long- term habits.改變質量顯著您的聲音將需要數年時間,因為一個人的聲音組成的這麼多根深蒂固的,長期的習慣。 Though, just by modifying a few of your worst habits you might be able to make noticeable improvements.雖然,剛剛通過修改的幾個您最糟糕的習慣,您也許能夠做出明顯的改善。 For example, by learning to exaggerate your lip movements you could substantially reduce that mumbling quality that has been driving your friends crazy for years.例如,通過學習,以誇大你的唇動作,你可以大大減少這mumbling質量已駕駛您的朋友瘋狂多年。

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