by Travis Wright 由特拉維斯賴特

When you are grateful, God and the universe will give you more to be grateful for.當您表示感謝,上帝和宇宙會給你更要感謝。 Living with a pleasant attitude and with a positive disposition will generate more happiness into your life and the lives of others around you.生活在一個愉快的態度和一個積極的處置將創造更多的幸福到您的生命和他人生命你身邊。 By adopting an appreciation for things, more things to appreciate become noticeable to you, it will be ridiculous.採用一讚賞的事情,更多的事情欣賞變得更為明顯向你,這將是荒謬的。 Happiness and gratitude begats happiness and gratitude.幸福和感激begats幸福和感激之情。

leadership training We may not have everything that we would like to have, and that is okay.我們可能沒有一切,我們希望有,那就是好。 Learn to consume the moment more and give thanks for the moments you are blessed with, and move forward with expectancy of that in which you desire.學習消費,目前更多,並給予感謝的時刻,你是何其幸運,能夠擁有,向前邁進,與預期,在您的願望。 If you are grateful for what you got, then you get a lot.如果您是感謝你了,那麼你就得到了很多。

Be aware of this very powerful thing, and you will open up doors to blockages in your path for success.必須認識到這一點非常強大的事,你將打開大門,堵塞在您的路徑取得圓滿成功。 You find the key.您找到的關鍵。 You open the door, and imagine your new world… then, make it so.你打開大門,和想像您的新的世界…然後,這樣做。

Enjoy the journey, but plan the ride.享受旅程,但計劃的旅程。