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Time management is a grand idea when dealing with the things in your life.时间管理,是一项宏大的想法,在处理事情,在你的生活。 It’s all about organization, efficiency and getting things done.它的所有组织训练,管理,效率和把事情做。 As a tool for leading people through change, however, it misses the mark.作为一种工具,引导人们通过改变,但它错过了这一大关。 In fact, when leading change, the last thing you want to do is manage your time.事实上,当领先的变化,过去的事是你想要做的是管理自己的时间。 Instead, invest it in the people with potential to become change leaders themselves, and the returns you get may surprise you.反之,投资,它在人与潜力成为领导人的改变自己,并回报你可能您惊奇。 Following is an incredible story that illustrates the point.以下是一个令人难以置信的故事,说明了这一点。

A few years ago I became upset when a player on the NFL’s Carolina Panthers beat up a teammate and subsequently was suspended for one measly game by the team.几年前我成了底价当一个球员就注明出处卡罗莱纳美洲豹击败了队友,随后被停牌一measly游戏所队。 I felt this punishment was too lax (after all, the attacked teammate ended up in the hospital) and wrote an angry letter to the teams’ owner, Jerry Richardson, expressing as much.我觉得这个处罚过于宽松(毕竟,攻击队友结束了,在医院) ,并写了一个愤怒的信中,以车队老板杰瑞理查森表示,因为很多。 Mr. Richardson not only acknowledged my letter after I figured it would end up in the trash but he went one giant-step further.理查森先生不仅承认我的信后,我想通它最终会在垃圾桶,但他到一个巨更进一步。 He offered to come visit my thirteen-year-old son, who was a big fan of the team’s, and me, along with the star player in question, wide receiver Steve Smith.他表示愿意来访问我的13岁的儿子,是一个大扇队的,和我,随着明星球员的问题,广泛接收史蒂夫史密斯。

They made the two-hour drive each way from team headquarters to my home and stayed with us for three hours.他们做了两小时的驱动方式,每队由总部到我的家,并逗留了我们3个小时。 I learned that day that Steve Smith is a good man who made a bad mistake and was willing to learn and take responsibility for his actions.我知道有一天史蒂夫史密斯是一个好人,谁取得了一个坏的错误,并愿意以学习承担责任,为他的行动负责。 I admire him greatly for that.我很佩服他,极大地表示赞赏。 From Mr. Richardson, I learned the power of a leader being personally invested in future leaders who can make a difference.从理查森先生,我学到的权力,领导者正亲自投资于未来的领导人,谁能够有所作为。

Jerry Richardson invested time in me that day, but more importantly he invested time and energy in Steve Smith, someone with potential to lead changes on the field of play.杰里理查森投资的时候,在我的那一天,但更重要的,他投入了时间和精力,史蒂夫史密斯,有人可能导致的变化对场的发挥。 I can only imagine the discussions they had as they drove back and forth and the bonds they forged and then carried forward.我只能想象讨论他们,因为他们驶回,并提出和债券,他们伪造的,然后发扬光大。 It’s no coincidence that the following season Steve Smith emerged as the team’s biggest star and helped lead them to a Super Bowl appearance.这绝非巧合下季史蒂夫史密斯成为球队最大的明星,并且帮助他们在超级杯亮相。

Mr. Richardson identified Steve Smith as someone I call a ‘diamond-in-the-rough,’ a leader of untapped potential.理查森先生确定的史蒂夫史密斯,因为有人我所称的'钻石- M处理器的粗糙, '领导者的尚未开发的潜力。 Then, he personally invested his time and energy to help Steve unleash his potential.然后,他亲自投入了他的时间和精力,以帮助史蒂夫释放出他的潜力。 You can do much the same for the uncut diamonds in your organization.你可以做多少,同时,为未切割钻石在您的组织。 Here are five tips to help get you started.这里有五个提示,以帮助让您轻松上路。

1. 1 。 Hold yourself accountable for people development.持有自己负责人的发展。 Common comfort zones such as crunching numbers and formulating strategy have their place, but both are useless if you don’t have leaders in place to execute.常见的舒适区,如增加业绩,并制定策略,有其地位,但两人都是枉然,如果你没有领导人在地方执行的。 Therefore, hold yourself accountable for the people side of the equation too.因此,持自己负责任,为人民一边的方程。 Recognize more pressing issues will always come up, so do whatever it takes to make finding and developing people a priority.认识到更迫切的问题将永远出现,使尽一切所能,使寻找和发展人民的一个优先事项。 Schedule time for building relationships into your calendar.附表的时间建立关系到你的日历。 Make a list or create a spreadsheet to track your progress if you must.作出一份名单或创建一个电子表格,以追踪进度,如果你必须这样做。 Set goals for people development and hold yourself too them.确定了目标,为人民的发展和持有自己太。

2. 2 。 Identify your Steve Smiths, or your “diamonds-in-the-rough.” You can’t invest in your future change leaders if you don’t know who they are.确定您的史蒂夫史密斯,或者你的"钻石- - -粗, "你可以不投资你的未来变化领袖,如果你不知道他们是谁。 Some ‘diamonds’ are obvious.一些'钻石'是显而易见的。 Their talent and ability dazzles and stands out, but others may require energy and effort to unearth.他们的才华和能力,目炫和立场,但其他人可能需要能量,并努力挖掘。 This may be especially true if you work in a large organization where talented people lay buried within the bureaucracy.这可能尤其如此,如果你的工作,在一个大的组织,如人才奠定埋了官僚主义。 In this case, use Tom Peters’ old technique of management by walking around.在这种情况下,使用汤姆彼得斯『老技术管理,由一个圈。 Get out of your comfort zone.走出你的舒适地带。 Visit places in your organization where you don’t know as many people.访问名额在你的组织那里,你不知道,因为很多人。 Talk to at least one new person a day.谈话至少有一个全新的人一天。 Take the new guy or woman to lunch.采取新的家伙还是女人共进午餐。 When you visit remote sites, make it a point to meet people relevant to your line of business, then, follow up with those you meet.当您访问远程站点,使之成为一个点,以满足人民群众对有关你的业务线,那么,跟进与你见面。

3. 3 。 Once you find them, don’t delegate your ‘diamond’ development.一旦你找到他们,不授你的'钻石'的发展。 Certainly Human Resources and your training department have a role to play in polishing future leaders’ skills and capabilities.当然,人力资源和你的训练部门也应发挥作用,在抛光未来领袖的技能和能力。 But the savviest leaders take personal responsibility for helping people grow.但savviest领导人承担个人责任,为帮助人们成长。 Once you have identified the people you think could be future change leaders for your organization, get personally involved in their development.一旦你确定你的人认为可以改变未来的领袖为你的组织,获得亲身参与过它们的发展。 Jerry Richardson answered my letter and placed the initial call to me.杰里理查森回答我的信,并把初步致电给我。 Jerry Richardson invited Steve Smith to join him on his visit.杰里理查森邀请史蒂夫史密斯与他一起访问的。 Jerry Richardson even drove the car himself.杰里理查森甚至驾车自己。 He didn’t delegate these duties; he owned them as his.他并不代表这些职务时,他拥有他们自己。 Poor time management?穷人的时间管理? Perhaps.也许是。 But, poor time management often creates the conditions for great change leadership to occur.但是,恶劣的时间管理往往创造了条件,为伟大的变革领导发生。

4. 4 。 Polish your gems by asking questions.波兰贵宝石提问。 The best leaders ask questions - lots of them.最好的领导人发问-地段的。 They don’t invest much time in running around telling people what to do.他们不投资了很多时间四处告诉别人该怎么做。 In fact, they don’t hire people who have to wait to be told what to do.事实上,他们不雇用的人,要等会告诉该怎么做。 Instead, they unleash talent by presenting problems and asking for ideas versus offering solutions.相反,他们发挥人才,通过提出问题,并要求思路银两提供解决方案。 They understand their job is to lead, not do.他们知道他们的工作就是领导,并没有这样做。 They encourage people to think.他们鼓励人们思考。 They encourage people to act.他们鼓励人们采取行动。 They remove organizational roadblocks that hold talent back.他们组织清除路障,持有人才回来。 They ask questions versus bark orders.他们发问银两树皮命令。

5. 5 。 Explore ideas and build relationships beyond the boundaries of work.开拓思路,建立关系,超越了国界的工作。 Engage people on a variety of topics beyond your common industry issues.聘请人就各种议题超出你共同的行业问题。 Refining someone’s leadership often means helping them look beyond the confines of their everyday world for novel solutions and product innovations they can bring back to it.精炼某人的领导往往意味着帮助他们放远目光局限于自己的日常世界,为新型解决方案和产品创新,他们能带回来给它。 Become emotionally invested too.成为在感情上投入太多。 Spend time getting to know your future leaders.花时间去了解你的未来领袖。 Find out what matters to them, inside and outside of work.找出什么事情对他们来说,会内会外的工作。 Sometimes engaging in small talk can lead to big insights.有时搞小型讲座,可导致大的真知灼见。 You may discover a personal situation that is holding someone down or holding him or her back, such as the illness or loss of a loved one.你可以发现一个个人的情况,即持有人或持有他或她的背部,如因病或失去至亲。 You may not be able to do anything tangible to help, but simply knowing that you care can be reassuring and provide a boost.你可能不能够做些什么实实在在的帮助,而只是知道你的照顾,可以放心的,并提供正面的影响。 If you want people to be there for you when the going gets tough, as it inevitably will when things change, you need to personally invest in them first.如果你想要的人来为您当去得到强硬,因为这将不可避免地,当事情发生变化,您需要亲自对他们投资第一。

A Final Word最后词
If investing in people sounds like a ’soft’ activity to you, you’re right.如果投资人好像是'软'活动给你,你说得对。 It is.答案是肯定的。 But rare is the business that can consistently return good, hard results without making soft investments in people first.但难得的是生意,可以一贯良好的回报,辛勤的结果而不软投资人放在第一位。 People determine whether you win or lose, whether the game is football or business or life.人们确定是否你的赢输,无论是游戏,是足球或生意的生活。 To better lead change, stop managing your time and start investing it in people.更好地带领变更,停止管理你的时间和开始投资,它在人。 Then enjoy as the wins pile up.然后享受作为赢桩。

Dr. Gary Bradt is a change and leadership expert, speaker and author of The Ring in the Rubble: Dig Through Change and Find Your Next Golden Opportunity His diverse client base includes IBM, FedEx, General Motors, American Express, Marriott International, The Weather Channel, The Department of Defense, and NASA.博士加里bradt是一个变化和领导能力的专家,议长及作者的戒指在瓦砾:挖通过改变并发现了你的下一个黄金机会http://www.theringintherubble.com其多样化的客户基础,包括IBM ,联邦快递公司,通用汽车公司,美国运通银行,万豪国际集团,天气频道,国防部, NASA ...等等。 For many years he was endorsed by Spencer Johnson as the primary speaker worldwide on Johnson’s business bestseller Who Moved my Cheese?多年来,他通过斯宾塞约翰逊作为首要议长世界范围内对约翰逊的商业畅销书谁动了我的乳酪? He resides in Summerfield, North Carolina with his wife and two children.他住在summerfield ,北卡罗莱纳州与他的妻子和两个孩子。