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According to my personality type,根据我的个性类型 ENTP entp , I tend to be more logical and not as sensitive to other peoples feelings. ,我往往是更合乎逻辑,而不是作为敏感的其他国家人民的感情。 I go about my day in a deep thinking state, but that doesn’t mean I am necessarily ‘thoughtful’ .我去我的天,在深入思考国家,但这并不意味着我一定是'周到' So, as we are all on the path together, I wanted to put some thinking towards how we can be more thoughtful and caring toward others.因此,当我们都在路径在一起,我想提出几点思考对我们如何能更周到的关怀和对他人的。 We all live on this planet together, so it would be nice if we could do some things for others to make them feel good.我们都生活在这个星球上一起,这样就不错,如果我们能够做一些事情,为他人,使他们感觉很好。 As a result of helping others, we are rewarded as well.作为一个结果,帮助别人,我们的回报,以及。

People like to feel important and they like to feel like you care about them.人民一样,感到重要的和他们一样,觉得像你们一样关心他们。 So, we need to let people know that we do truly care by our actions.因此,我们需要让人们知道,我们真正关心我们的行动。 Here are some things that we could do, and if you have others, please take a moment and contribute them in our comment area.这里有一些事情我们可以做,而且如果您有其他人,请花一点时间,并有助于他们在我们的评论区。

Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.认为一样,一名男子的行动,行为像男人的思路。 - Henri Bergman -亨利伯格曼

1. When you say “Thank you” tell the person specifically what it is you appreciate and why you appreciate it. 1 。当你说“谢谢你”告诉人具体是什么,你明白为什么你欣赏。 “Thank you for going to the store for me, and getting my shaving cream. “谢谢你去商店对我来说,和得到我的剃须霜。 I really appreciate it.我很欣赏它。 You rock!”您岩石“ !

2. When you meet someone new, be sure to send them a follow up email to let them know that you enjoyed meeting them, and look forward to connecting in the future. 2 。当你和某人见面新,请务必向他们发送一个跟进的电子邮件,让他们知道你所享有的会议上他们,并期待着连接在未来的。 Then, connect with them in the future.然后,连接与他们在未来的。 Your network is one of your most valuable assets.您的网络是您的其中一个最宝贵的资产。

3. Send ‘Thank you’ cards. 3 。发送'谢谢'卡。 We got some thank you cards created for my business,我们得到一些谢谢卡创造适合我的企业, Adiqus adiqus , and they come in very handy. ,和他们来在非常方便。 If we have a meeting with someone new, we make sure to send them a handwritten note of thanks.如果我们有一个会议与某人新的,我们务必向他们发送一个手写注意到感谢。 I think the handwritten part adds some sincerity and makes a positive impact on the recipient.我认为手写的一部分,增加了一些的诚意和作出了积极的影响收件人。

4. Place an unexpected phone call just to say “Thank you” or just a quick hello. 4 。意想不到的地方,一通电话,只是说: “谢谢你”或只是一个快速你好。 Connecting in this way adds warmth to your appreciation even if you reach voice mail… and be sure to at least leave a voice mail.连接以这种方式增加了温暖,您的赞赏,甚至如果您达到语音邮件… …并请务必至少留下一个语音邮件。

5. Say something nice about someone, where that person can overhear you mentioning it to someone else. 5 。尼斯说一些关于某人,如果此人就可以overhear你提的,它给别人。 This is where eavesdropping can work in your favor.这是窃听可以工作在您的青睐。 They hear you talking good about them to other people, and it makes them gleam with pride.他们听到你说的很好,他们给其他人,并且使他们闪耀与自豪感。 This works especially well with children.这个工程特别是与儿童。

6. Another way to stay in touch is to make sure to send birthday cards, holiday cards, and anniversary cards to the people in your life that mean the most to you. 6 。另一种方式保持联系,是要确保传送的生日贺卡,节日卡,卡周年之际向人民在您的生命的意思,最给您。 This is an area of improvement for me, personally, as I think Hallmark is a big scam!这是一个方面的改善对我来说,我个人来说,我觉得标志,是一个大骗局! But, it does mean a lot to the recipient of a heart felt card.但是,它意味着很多的人,心脏病认为卡。

7. Call your Mother, Father and Grandparents if you are blessed to still have them around. 7 。打电话给你的母亲,父亲和祖父母如果你是有福仍然有他们靠近。 They love to hear your voice and they want to know what is going on in your world.他们喜欢听到你的声音和他们想知道是怎么回事就在您的世界。 Let them in!让他们在!

8. Encourage and compliment others when the moment is right. 8 。鼓励和称赞别人时,当务之急是正确的。 Sometimes compliments can make people a bit uncomfortable in the wrong setting, but most of the time, a compliment or encouragement can really add some pep in that person’s step.有时恭维,可以使人们有点不舒服,在错误的设置,但大部分的时间,补充,或鼓励,真的可以添加一些PEP的在那个人的一步。 Sometimes, you just may make that person’s day.有时,你刚才可能会使该人的一天。

9. Offer to give your significant other a massage or other ‘favors’ without any expectation of anything in return. 9 。提供给您的其他重大的按摩或其他'人情'没有任何的期望任何回报。 The simple touch can make your significant other feel less stress and feel closer to you.简单的接触,可以让您的其他重大觉得少应力和感觉更靠近你。 Sometimes, an added benefit comes from this, but don’t go into it, expecting it.有时候,一个附加的好处是来自这一点,但不进入它,期待它。

10. Go to an event, movie, restaurant or whatever that your companion wants to go to. 10 。去的事件,电影,餐馆或无论您的同伴要去。 Don’t force your will into every situation, let them choose and enjoy yourself.不强迫您的意愿转化为每一种情况,让他们选择和享受自己。 It doesn’t always have to be your way.它并不总是要你的方式。

11. Let them win. 11 。让他们赢。 Sometimes, its okay to let the other person win.有时候,其好让其他人胜出。 It makes them feel good, and its really okay.它使他们感觉很好,和其真的好。 You don’t HAVE to win, do you?您没有打赢,你呢? This is especially important when dealing with little kids, because it can help mold their confidence.这一点尤其重要,在处理与小的孩子,因为它可以帮助塑造他们的信心。

12. Buy a nice little something for a loved one. 12 。购买好一点,为一位亲人。 One flower from the market can go a long way.一花从市场上可以还有很长的路要走。 One Hot Wheels car can make a child’s day.一热轮子的汽车可以使孩子的一天。 Both typically cost less than $2.双方通常费用不到2美元。 Good bang for you buck, right there.良好的帮你推卸责任,权利。

13. Turn the volume off during commercials. 13 。把音量关闭期间,商业广告。 Mute those pesky things.静音那些讨厌的事情。 It is considerate and thoughtful for yourself!这是体贴,周到的为自己!

14. Organize a food drive at your office, church, or neighborhood. 14 。举办一个食物驱动器在您的办公室,教会,或居委会。 Collect food and bring it to shelters.收集食物,把它送到收容所。

15. Give a 15 。给予 ‘Toy for Tots’ '玩具为tots ' . This is a great organization set up by the Marines that gives needy children a toy during the holidays.这是一个伟大的组织,成立了由海军陆战队员,让需要帮助的儿童玩具在假期期间。

16. Invest some time or money in 16 。投资一些时间或金钱在 Habitat for Humanity人类生境 , a non-profit housing organization that builds simple, decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need.是一个非赢利性组织的房屋,建立简单的,体面的,负担得起的住房的伙伴关系,与有需要的人。 Good stuff.好东西。 Bring a hammer and pound some nails, or just send a check.把锤子和英镑一些钉子,或只是派遣一个检查。 It’sa great organization.这是伟大的组织。

17. Perhaps you could have a garage sale for the whole neighborhood and donate the proceeds to an agreed upon organization. 17 。或许你有一个车库出售,为整个居委会和捐赠的收益,以一议定的组织。

18. Bake your neighbor a pie or some other baked good. 18 。烘你的邻居一饼或其他一些面包好。 Your neighbor may be there when you most need them, so do something nice for them in advance!你的邻居有可能当你最需要他们,所以做一些好为他们在前进!

19. Donate some time at an orphanage, homeless shelter, or old folks home. 19 。捐出一些时间在一所孤儿院,无家可归的住房,或老人家的家。 Bring your child along and let them experience the profound effects of each.使您的孩子一起,让他们的经验,深刻的影响。 Bring books, crayons, pads, and art supplies to children in orphanages and homeless shelters.带来的书籍,油画棒,港口及机场发展策略,及艺术用品,以儿童的孤儿院和无家可归者庇护所。

20. Become a 20 。成为一个 Big Brother or Big Sister大哥哥或大姐姐 .

21. Live your life with an attitude of gratitude. 21 。活你的生活与态度的感激之情。 Think about what certain people have done that you are grateful for, and return a favor.想一想,什么某些人有这样做,您对此表示感谢,并返回一种恩赐。 Gratitude is a key to happy, thoughtful life.感谢是一个关键的幸福,周到的生活。

22. Lighten up and try not to be so serious. 22 。减轻和尽量不那么严重。 Everything isn’t of utmost importance.一切是不是至关重要的。 Laugh and live a little, and give more of yourself to those you love.笑和活一点,并给予更多的自己,那些你爱。

23. Turn off the computer, turn off the TV and spend some quality time with your loved ones. 23 。关闭电脑,关闭电视和花一些时间,质量与您的亲人。

I’m certain there are more creative things that we can do to become more thoughtful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.我一定有更多的创造性的东西,我们可以做的更加周到,我很乐意听到您的想法。 So please add your 2 cents below!所以,请添加了2美分,低于! It’s the thoughtful thing to do, you know!它的深思熟虑的事,你知道!


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