Here at Cultivate Greatness, I receive tons of business books for review, sometimes more than I can possibly read… but, I want to make sure that you guys get the same benefit of knowing which business books are in the pipeline, that you may want to pick up.在這裡培育的偉大,我收到噸的商業書籍以供審查,有時比我更不可能讀… …但是,我想,以確保你們得到相同的利益,明知其中的商業書籍是在管道,您可能想要回升。

Since August 2007, I have received well over 200 books, and so, each week, I would like to go over a quick review of each new business book that I have and share the business book resource with you.自2007年8月,我收到了超過200書籍,因此,每個星期,我想轉到一個快速審查每一個新的商業圖書,我和分享商務圖書資源與您聯繫。 There are some great books here!有一些偉大的書籍在這裡! Roll over the images to get more information about each business book!軋輥以上的圖像,以獲得更多的資料,了解彼此的業務預訂!

2011- Trendspotting for the Next Decade 2011年-t rendspotting為未來十年 by Richard Laermer.由Richard萊爾默。

In this fast and furious time machine of a book, Richard Laermer shows you how to use-and in some cases abuse-the trends of the next decade (or two) that really matter.在這個快速和憤怒的時間機器的一本書,理查德萊爾默將告訴您如何使用和在某些情況下,濫用的趨勢,未來十年(或二)真正的問題。 As an author with a functional crystal ball, a veteran marketing innovator, and media master, Laermer foresees a fabulous future-if you start planning for it today.作為一個作者與一個功能水晶球,一位資深的市場營銷創新,和媒體的主人,萊爾默預見精彩未來-如果你開始籌劃今天。

2011: Trendspotting for the Next Decade is packed with eye-popping predictions (and realities) on how you’ll live, work, play, buy, sell, talk, text, laugh, and more. 2011年: trendspotting為未來十年是擠滿了眼現象的預測(與現實)對您將如何生活,工作,娛樂,購買,出售,對話,文字,笑,和更多。 You’ll discover how miniscule attention spans will increase a need for velocity…how to work while you’re sleeping…how to wash off mediocrity…and why today’s communication devices will become obsolete.您會發現,如何微乎其微注意跨度將增加需要速度…如何工作的同時,您睡覺…如何洗刷掉平庸… …以及為什麼今天的通信設備將成為過時。 With 2011you’ll learn how to participate in change instead of trailing it.與2011you'll了解如何參與在改變,而不是尾隨。

Life Entrepreneurs 生活的企業家 - by Christopher Gergen & Gregg Vanourek -克里斯托弗格根&格雷格瓦尼奧雷克

A new generation of “life entrepreneurs” is emerging: people who apply their vision, talents, creativity, and energy not only to their work but to their entire lives, changing the world for themselves and those around them.新一代的“生命企業家” ,是新興的:人誰適用於他們的視野,人才,創造力和能源,不僅他們的工作,但他們的整個生命,改變世界,為自己和周圍人。

In this book, successful entrepreneurs Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek draw on numerous interviews with fifty-five leading entrepreneurs worldwide as well as the wisdom of multiple thought leaders to provide vivid examples, moving vignettes, concrete frameworks, and practical strategies for revving up our work and play through entrepreneurial leadership.在這本書中,成功的企業家克里斯托弗格根和格雷格瓦尼奧雷克,借鑒多次訪談與55領先全球的企業家,以及智慧的多重思想領導者提供的生動例子,移動vignettes ,混凝土框架,和實際的戰略revving了我們的工作發揮通過企業的領導。 This book starts by providing strategies for integrating life, work, and purpose and ends by capturing the implications of the current entrepreneurial boom for our workplaces, learning institutions, communities, and families.這本書開始,通過提供戰略整合的生活,工作和宗旨,兩端通過捕獲的影響,目前的創業熱潮,為我們的工作場所,教育機構,社區和家庭。

Jacked UP 頂起來 by Bill Lane- The inside story of how Jack Welch talked GE into becoming the world’s greatest company.由條例草案車道的內情如何韋爾奇談戈到成為世界上最大的公司。

Bill Lane was Jack Welch’s speechwriter for 20 years.條例草案裡,是韋爾奇的演講稿,為20年。 In the first book by a GE insider, Lane shows that the real secret to Welch’s immense success as a leader was Welch’s ability as a master communicator.在第一本書由葛知情人士透露,裡表明,真正的秘密韋爾奇的巨大成功,作為一個領導人韋爾奇的能力,作為一個碩士的傳播者。 Welch launched a communications revolution that took GE from a ponderous supertanker of a company, to what Welch called a high speed “cigarette boat” capable of radical moves and rapid learning from the best institutions in the world.韋爾奇推出了通訊革命所發生的葛從笨重的超級公司,什麼韋爾奇所謂的高速“香煙船”有能力的激進的動作和快速學習的最佳機構,在世界上。

You’ll learn Jack’s simple, often brutally enforced guidelines for “making a great pitch”, and how Welch practiced them himself in his memorable appearances before employees, financial analysts and customers–and his zero-tolerance of BS.您將了解傑克的簡單,往往是殘酷的執行指引“作出了很大的足球場” ,以及如何韋爾奇實行他們自己在他難忘的外表前僱員,金融分析師和客戶和他的零容忍的學士學位。 You’ll witness laugh-out-loud-funny cameo appearances from boldface names like Southwest Airlines Herb Kelleher, Don Imus, Jack’s ex-wife Jane Welch, Conan O’Brian, and “Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog”.您證人笑-列-大聲搞笑鏡頭露面,從黑體的名字一樣,西南航空公司的藥草•凱萊赫,唐格局,傑克的前妻簡韋爾奇,科南奧布萊恩,和“勝利,侮辱漫畫狗” 。 And you’ll understand exactly how every leader can master the art of communication, to teach and inspire, shock and provoke, all at the same time.你就會明白究竟如何每一個領導人能掌握藝術的溝通,教導和激勵,休克和挑釁,所有在同一時間內。

The Go-Giver 圍棋-賜予 by Bob Burg and John David Mann由Bob伯格和約翰,朱曼

This modern-day business parable, a quick read in the spirit of The Greatest Salesman in the World and The One Minute Manager, should do well with eager corporate-ladder climbers, who may at first be confused by its focus: on putting the other guy first-be it a colleague, competitor, customer, friend or family member.這個現代化的為期一天的業務寓言,在快速閱讀的精神,最大的推銷員,在世界上和一分鐘經理人,應該做的渴望,以及與公司的登山階梯,誰可能在第一混淆,其重點是:對把其他傢伙,第一,不論是同事,競爭對手,客戶,朋友或家庭成員。

Told through the fictitious story of an ambitious young salesman named Joe, Burg and Mann communicate their points through the advice of an enigmatic (and highly likeable) mentor character known as Pindar.說,通過虛構的故事,一個雄心勃勃的年輕的推銷員,命名為喬,伯格和Mann溝通,他們的論點通過的意見,一神秘的(和高度喜歡)的導師,性格稱為品達。 Rather than help Joe snag a fast sale, the consultant introduces him to series of “go-givers” who personify the “Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.”而不是幫助喬阻攔,快速出售,顧問介紹了他的一系列“走出去提供者”誰personify “ 5部法律的平流層的成功” 。

Over the course of five days, a restaurateur, a CEO, a financial advisor, a real-estate broker and the mysterious “Connector” teach Joe about the laws of value, compensation, influence, authenticity and receptivity-concepts that make more immediate sense in this fictional context than they would in a formal business book.超過的過程中五天,餐館,首席執行官,財務顧問,房地產經紀人和神秘的“連接器” ,教導喬約的法律價值,補償,影響力,真實性和接受概念,使更多的即時意識在這虛構的背景下,比他們會在一個正式的商務圖書。 Burg (Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales) and Mann (You Call the Shots) write with a simple, informal style that offers a working-person’s interpretation of the old adage “give, and you shall receive.”伯格(無休止的轉介:網絡你每天接觸到的銷售)和Mann (您呼叫桿)寫一個簡單的,非正式的作風,提供了一個工作人的解釋,該古老的格言: “給予,您會收到” 。

How come THAT Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not! 如何來認為,白痴的豐富和我不是! by Robert Shemin由Robert社民

In How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?在如何來認為,白痴的豐富和我不是? bestselling author Robert Shemin reveals for the first time the inner-circle secrets of the mega-wealthy.最暢銷的作者Robert社民透露,為第一次在小圈子的秘密巨型富裕。 Have you ever wondered why some people attract wealth while others stay financially trapped and in debt?您是否曾經想知道為什麼有些人吸引財富,而其他留在財政上被困在債務? The key is wealth-friendly, upside-down thinking.關鍵是創造財富的友好,倒置式的思維。 Stick with all the old moneymaking rules and stay broke.堅持與所有舊賺錢的規則和逗留爆發。 Break them and get rich.打破他們先富起來。 This is the book that shows you how.這是這本書將告訴您,如何。

We’ve all read about the college kid who made millions on a brainstorm, or the couple who made a fortune in real estate, or the guy in his thirties who waved good-bye to his boss and now lives on his investments.我們已經全部閱讀有關高校的孩子是誰以百萬計在一個腦力激盪,或夫妻誰大發橫財,在房地產,或傢伙在他的三十歲誰揮舞著良好的告別他的老闆和現在的生活對他的投資。 But until now, how they did it—the rules they followed or flouted, the tricks they stumbled on—have remained a mystery.但直到現在,如何他們這樣做,是-他們遵循的規則或蔑視,伎倆,他們偶然-仍然是一個謎。

That’s about to change.這就是即將改變。 Whether you’ve been trying to get rich but haven’t quite made it yet, or just need the confidence to dream big, this is the book for you.您是否已經想先富起來,但不太使得然而,或只是需要的信心,夢想大,這是這本書適合您。 As experienced as Shemin is at showing high-net-worth individuals how to get richer, his real love is helping self-described “financial disasters” earn millions.作為經驗豐富的作為社民是在顯示高淨價值個人如何獲得更豐富的,他真正的愛情是幫助自我描述的“金融災難” ,賺取數百萬。