by Ron Haynes @ The Wisdom Journal 由Ron海恩斯@智慧日報

Abandoning television is a serious step in today’s society.放棄電視是一個嚴重的步驟在今天的社會。 Television is both a fantastic resource and a faceless attacker of wealth.電視既是一種神奇的資源和一露面,攻擊者的財富。 It has the ability to inspire and the ability to depress.它有能力激勵和能力,以壓低。 It can make you happy and scare you to death, it can inform and educate, but it can also help you waste your most precious resource: time.它可以讓你快樂,並且嚇走你死刑,它可以宣傳和教育,但它也可以幫助你浪費你最寶貴的資源:時間。 That’s just one reason I’ve decided to abandon most television shows.這只是其中一個原因我已經決定放棄大部分的電視節目。

Before I discuss why I am choosing to abandon television, let me say that not all television shows are bad.之前,我討論,所以我選擇放棄電視,讓我說,並非所有的電視節目都是不好的。 I don’t disparage anyone who choses to use their time watching parents change the diapers of their youngest child (of 27), or watching someone completely disrespect another person because of the t-shirts she chooses to wear, or watching a talk show host give marriage advice to a couple when the host has never been married.我不詆毀任何人choses利用他們的時間,觀看的家長改變尿片他們年幼的子女( 27日) ,或觀看,有人完全不尊重他人,因為該T卹她選擇穿,或看一談話節目主持人提供婚姻諮詢,以一對夫婦當東道國從未結婚。 There are some great shows on various channels that help you better understand the world and help you learn valuable information that will improve your life.有一些偉大表明,對各種渠道幫助您更好地了解世界和幫助您了解寶貴的資料,這將提高您的生活。 But those shows are the exceptions.但這些節目是例外。 What passes as entertainment and enlightenment today is an utter joke.什麼通行證,作為娛樂和啟示今天是一個徹底的笑話。 So, I’ve made the decision to severely restrict the amount of time I waste in front of “the tube.” TV has abandoned most of what I think is important so here’s 5 reasons I have decided to return the favor and abandon television:因此,我已決定要嚴格限制數額當時我浪費在前面的“管”電視已被遺棄的大部分東西,我覺得是很重要的,所以這裡的5大理由我已決定返回的青睞和放棄電視:

Reason #1. 原因# 1 。 Television has abandoned understanding. Though there is a wealth of information available via the tube, for the most part, the information you gather via television is devoid of deep understanding. 電視已被遺棄的理解,雖然是有豐富的資料可透過管,為大部份,您收集的資料,通過電視,是缺乏深刻的認識。 What is more important is drama, excitement, and the illusion that it projects.什麼是更重要的是,戲劇,興奮,和錯覺,以為資訊科技工程項目。 If you want to get a completely skewed view of the world, do nothing but watch television and form your opinions only based on its shallow information.如果您想要得到一個完全扭曲世界的看法,什麼也不做,但看電視和形式,您的意見只是基於它的淺層的信息。 Where else can someone get shot 14 times, fall off a building from 3 stories, get up and drive in a car chase, crash the car, then jump into a helicopter and fly it to some exotic island with an Italian supermodel?還有什麼地方可以得到有人開槍了14倍,脫落大廈從3層,站起來和驅動器在汽車追逐,碰撞的汽車,然後跳轉到直升機和飛機,駕駛它飛行的一些島嶼與異國情調的意大利超級名模?

Reason #2. 原因# 2 。 Television has abandoned responsibility. News programs depict the crying children of famines and wars, the bodies that lie exposed to the elements and wild animals, the human devastation of a terrible natural disaster, then cut away to a commercial. 電視已放棄的責任。新聞節目展示了哭泣的孩子飢荒和戰爭中,機構的謊言暴露的內容和野生動物,人類破壞一個可怕的自然災害,然後切換到商業。 “Now this.” Now that we took you to the edge of an emotional cliff, now that we’ve exposed the most horrible of human conditions, now that we’ve talked (briefly) about an intense tragedy, we want to make sure you see our commercials! “現在,這個”我們現在採取了你的邊緣情感懸崖,現在,我們已經暴露了最可怕的人權條件,現在,我們已經談過(簡略)約1激烈的悲劇,我們要確保你看我們的商業廣告! Then we’ll just go merrily along to the next story after briefly shaking our heads.然後,我們會去merrily一直到下一個簡單的故事後,動搖我們頭上。 Now on to sports.現在對體育。

Reason #3. 原因# 3 。 Television has abandoned memory and history. Television execs are caught up in the panting flow of more information, the “breathless flow of now,” as one person put it. 電視已被遺棄的記憶和歷史的檢驗。電視高管被捲入,在喘氣的流動更多信息, “呼吸流量現在, ”作為一個人把它。 We know more about the last 24 hours than we do about the last 50 centuries.我們知道更多有關過去24小時,比我們做的關於過去50世紀。 We have people who know more about what Paris Hilton ate for lunch than they do about their city councilman.我們的人知道更多關於什麼帕麗斯希爾頓吃午餐,比他們做他們的市議員。 They know more about American Idol than they do about their own checking account.他們知道更多有關美國偶像比他們做他們自己的支票帳戶。 They know more about the most unimportant details of Oprah’s last guest, than they do about their own grandparent’s experiences during World War II.他們知道更多關於最不重要的細節歐普拉的最後客戶,比他們做他們自己的祖父母或外祖父母的經驗,在第二次世界大戰期間。

Reason #4. 原因# 4 。 Television has abandoned rationality. When you’re watching, there is no need for thought, television does that for you. 電視已被遺棄的合理性,當你正在觀看的,所以沒有必要思考,電視是否給你。 We have 170 channels and there’s still nothing on.我們有170個渠道,也有仍然沒有對。 Is that rational?是理性? Television has made normal life too boring.電視取得了正常的生活太無聊。 People now think they have to be entertained virtually all the time.現在人們認為他們都必須受理,幾乎所有的時間。 If there isn’t something exciting planned at least every 3 or 4 days, their believe their lives are dull and drab.如果沒有一些令人振奮的計劃,至少每3或4天,他們相信他們的生活枯燥乏味和褐土。 People forget that only 50 years ago, most people lived a life that required 12 hour work days on a dusty farm tractor, or that just 30 years ago, cable TV was just starting with only 8 channels and thy weren’t THAT exciting.人們忘記了,只有50年前,大多數人居住的生活所需的12小時工作1天就塵土飛揚的農場拖拉機,或只是30年前,有線電視才剛剛開始,只有8個頻道和你不說,令人振奮。 Television has caused us to question whether we need to abandon family and friends because they just aren’t exciting enough.電視引起了我們的問題,我們是否需要放棄的家人和朋友,因為他們只是沒有足夠的令人振奮的。 “Til death us do part” has been replaced with “until you begin to bore me.” “ TIL的死亡我們做的一部分”已改為“直到你開始膛我” 。

Reason #5. 原因# 5 。 Television has abandoned truth. “Exciting and compelling” take precedence over truth when it comes to television. 電視已放棄真理激動人心的和令人信服的”凌駕於真理,當談到電視。 People, places, things, and events only have value if they are “entertaining.” I remember when a certain associate justice on the Supreme Court was falsely accused of a heinous crime.人,地,事,事件只具有價值,如果他們是“娛樂”我記得當某助理法官對最高法院是誣稱一個滔天罪行。 The charge against him centered NOT on whether the accusations were true, but on “the seriousness of the charges.” Television has fostered an attitude of theater over thinking, of showmanship over substance.負責對他為本,而不是指責是否屬實,但對“的嚴重性,收費。 ”電視培育的態度,戰區以上的思想,表演超過物質。

I love to take my family camping.我愛我的家庭露營。 It always amazed me to see my children, who were bored at home with every toy imaginable and 99 channels of entertainment, learn to make up games with rocks and sticks.它總是驚訝,我看到我的孩子們,人無聊在家中每一個想像的玩具和99頻道的娛樂,學習,以彌補遊戲用石塊和棍棒。 Today, kids don’t have to use their imaginations.今天,孩子不須使用他們的想像。 Television does it all for them.電視是否為他們所有。

Today, television dominates every aspect of our lives.今天,電視佔主導地位的各個方面,我們的生活。 We arrange furniture around it.我們安排家具周圍。 We put them in our bedrooms, kitchens, showers, on our refrigerators, in our workshops, in our cars, on airplanes, on our computers.我們把他們在我們的臥室,廚房,淋浴,對我們的冰箱,在我們的工作坊,在我們的汽車,飛機,在我們的電腦上。 They are everywhere.他們到處都是。

How much more can we take?多少更多,我們才能走? I for one choose to not take anymore.我來說,選擇不採取了。 Sure, I’ll watch some sporting events and the occasional show on the History Channel or Discovery.當然,我會觀看一些體育賽事和不定期顯示在歷史頻道或發現。 I might even watch something on HGTV or The Food Network, but much past these and I have no desire to participate.我可能甚至觀賞的東西就hgtv或食物網絡,但還有很多過去的這些和我沒有參與的願望。 My mind and my time are far too valuable to be spent on the silliness that characterizes most TV shows today.我想起和我的時間是太寶貴須花費了silliness特點的最今天的電視節目。