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By Terence Channon 由特倫斯channon

“Look before you leap.” When you think about this common idiom, remember that it is not so much intended to keep you from getting into something too fast, but to help you understand what exactly you will be surrounded with when you make the leap. “你看之前,你的飛躍。 ”當你想想,這個共同的成語,請記住,這是沒有這麼多打算把你從進入一些太快,但為了幫助您了解究竟您會被包圍時,您做出的飛躍。 For instance, if you want to take a trip somewhere, you should have an understanding of exactly what to expect when you get there — and what not to expect.例如,如果您想要採取行某處,你應該有一個認識,正是期望,當你得到有-和什麼,不要期待。 The same holds true when striving for success in your career or profession.同時舉行的真實時,爭取成功,在您的職業或專業。

Definitions of success can vary, and depending on your expectations, there are a myriad of ways to get there.成功的定義,可以有所不同,並根據您的期望,有無數的方法來得到。 Too often, however, when people strive for success they don’t look before they leap and form incorrect expectations of what it takes to get there.很多時候,然而,當人們爭取成功,他們不看之前,他們的飛躍,形成不正確的期望是什麼,需要得到有。 Even worse, many incorrectly embrace some success myths that seem helpful, but are really not helping the cause and actually hinder the progress toward success.更有什者,許多不正確的懷抱了一些成功的神話似乎有幫助,但真的是沒有幫助的原因和實際阻礙進步的成功。 Simply put, while it is important to understand what it takes to be successful, it may be more effective to become familiar with how not to get there.簡而言之,雖然它是重要的是要了解如何才能獲得成功,可能是更有效的成為熟悉如何不得到有。

You Have to be Liked by Everyone你必須每個人都喜歡

In the US, 51% of the people have to like you to win a two-party political election.在美國, 51 %的人要像你們一樣,以贏得兩黨政治選舉。 Back when our country had more than two prominent political parties, you could win the election even if 75% of the people voted for someone else.回時,我們的國家兩個以上的突出的政黨,你可以贏得選舉,即使75 %的人投贊成票別人。

It is a great misconception that people have to like you in order to succeed.這是一個很大的誤解,以為人民要像你才能取得成功。 Obviously, treating people disrespectfully or rudely should not be par for the course, but in business, we have to remember that it is capitalism and not a democracy.很明顯,治療人disrespectfully粗暴或不應該相提並論,為課程,但在業務上,我們必須記住,這是資本主義,而不是一個民主國家。 At times, it is more important to be focused on the financial numbers and performance of a business than on human relations.有時,這是更重要的是要著眼於金融數量和性能的業務比對人類的關係。 Plus, you must have the spirit to make tough leadership calls, such as removing or scolding a nonproductive employee (a surefire way to get someone to not like you) or to properly voice your opinion on a subject, even if it is an unpopular stance.另外,您必須具備的精神,作出艱難的領導呼籲,如刪除或罵一非生產僱員( 1一定辦法讓別人不喜歡你) ,或以適當的聲音,您認為對的題目,即使是不受歡迎的立場。

Making unpopular decisions is part and parcel in the world of business: Consider top-level executives or managers who have to let people go during a merger or a cost-cutting phase (such as the CEO of Pfizer who released 10,000 employees in 2007 and took a 36% raise — he’s certainly an unpopular guy).作出不受歡迎的決定是重要組成部分,在世界上的業務:考慮高層主管或經理人誰也為了讓人們去在合併或削減成本階段(如行政總裁的輝瑞誰公佈的1.0萬僱員,在2007年和了36 %的提高-他的肯定是一個不受歡迎的傢伙) 。 Or consider the disapproving stares when you voice your contributions to a project when someone else is trying to take the credit; it may appear like you are throwing the other person under the bus when you’re simply trying to gain recognition.或考慮反對stares當您的聲音,您的貢獻,一個項目時,別人是試圖採取信貸,它可能會出現像你們一樣是投擲其他人下巴士時,您只需設法獲得承認。

Truly successful people in business, and even in their personal lives, focus on doing the appropriate and ethical thing for the situation.真正成功的人在業務上,甚至在他們的個人生活,著眼於做適當的和道德的事,有關情況。 Typically, they’re unconcerned with making sure people like them.通常情況下,他們很冷漠與決策,確保人民和他們一樣。

You Have to be a Workaholic你必須是一個workaholic

Working hard is a common characteristic among nearly all successful people, but it may make more sense to say that they work smarter, not harder.努力工作是一個共同的特點,其中幾乎所有的成功人士,但它可能會使更多的意義上說,他們的工作更聰明,而不是更難。 With that in mind, taking three-hour lunches, extended vacations and not committing any of your free time to your career or business is almost a guaranteed ticket to not succeeding or reaching your goals.與這一點,以長達三小時的午餐,延長休假和不承諾您的任何空閒時間到您的職業或業務幾乎是一項保證門票不會成功或達到自己的目標。

Successful people make the most of their time and are not necessarily working 24/7.成功人士,使他們的大部分時間和不一定是工作24 / 7 。 Sure, they may be inclined to check their e-mail or engage in business talk at any and all times, but successful people know how to get a lot done at once.當然,他們可能會傾向於以檢查他們的電子郵件,或從事商務交談的任何和所有的時代,但成功的人都知道如何獲得了很多做一次。 They are able to do so because they understand the art of delegating, carefully selecting their business ventures, and balancing their social and work lives.他們能夠這樣做,是因為他們了解藝術下放,仔細選擇他們的商業企業,和平衡它們的社會和工作的生命。 Successful venture capital firms, for example, invest in very few of the deals that come their way, but they commit their best energies and resources to making the deals they do engage in succeed.成功的風險投資公司,例如,投資於極少數的交易方式來他們,但他們承諾,他們最好的精力和資源,使交易,他們這樣做,在從事得逞的。

In short, find the right personal balance that allows you to maximize your professional and personal productivity.在短期內,找到正確的個人平衡,使您可以最大限度地提高您的專業和個人生產力。 The master of delegation who can seemingly always accomplish the impossible multitude of CEO tasks with a wave of his magic wand will go farther than the guy who always pulls the all-nighter to do it all himself.主人代表團誰可以似乎永遠不可能完成的眾多首席執行官的任務與浪潮,他的魔杖會走得更遠,比傢伙誰始終是拉動全分段做所有自己。

Advanced degrees from Big Schools are Required獲得高級學位的大學校須在

This used to be more important, but in today’s world, having a big-time MBA is not a one-way ticket to easy street.這可用來更重要,但在今天的世界上,有一個大的時間的MBA是不是一個單向的機票很容易街。 Yes, you still see job postings where an MBA from an Ivy League school is a job requirement, but that just simply is not the case anymore.是的,你仍然會看到張貼的項目那裡的工商管理碩士學位,從一常春藤名校學校是一個職位要求,但只是簡單,事實並非如此了。

While having a degree is a great feather in your cap and will help you stand out, in the end, it’s all about how you present yourself and what you can actually contribute to the situation that will determine your success and potential.而有某種程度是一個偉大的羽毛在您的上限,並會幫助你站出來,在年底,它的所有有關如何你目前自己和你其實可以作出貢獻的情況,這將決定你的成功和潛力。 Apart from the miracle story of the high school or college dropout who goes on to earn millions, there are more typical stories that we can all relate to.除了從奇蹟的故事,高中或大學輟學誰的推移,以賺取數百萬,有更多的典型故事,我們都可以涉及。

For instance, most people know of Dell Inc. and the exceptional circumstances at the beginning of Michael Dell’s career.舉例來說,大多數人都知道戴爾公司和特殊情況下,在開始邁克爾戴爾的職業生涯。 Look deeper into the company and you’ll find that half of Dell’s top 12 executives do not hold Ivy League MBAs and four of them don’t even have post-graduate degrees.看看深入該公司,你會發現有一半的戴爾的排名前12位行政人員並不擁有常春藤名校MBA畢業生和4他們甚至不用研究生學位。

Successful people obtain results when they make viable contributions to businesses, programs and life — with or without a fancy degree.成功人士取得成果時,他們作出的貢獻,可行的企業,程序和生活-有或沒有喜歡的程度。

Money Defines Success金錢的定義成功

Money is great, but it will neither make you happy nor unhappy despite the choices and flexibilities it provides.錢是偉大,但它不會令你感到高興,也沒有不愉快的,儘管選擇和靈活性,它的規定。 When you define success by the size of your wallet, you will sadly learn that someone always has more than you, unless you’re Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.當你確定成功的大小你的錢包,你會可悲的了解,有人總是有更多比你,除非您比爾蓋茨或沃倫自助餐。

Money can buy nice dinners, nice homes, cars, and just about anything else, but there is absolutely no price you can pay to have genuine friends, fulfilling hobbies or activities, and meaningful relationships with your family.金錢可以買到好晚餐,好家園,汽車,只是一切,但絕對沒有價格,您可以支付有真正的朋友,履行嗜好或活動,和有意義的關係,與您的家人。 Furthermore, all of the money in the world will not do the work you need to do to be successful and accomplish what you have set out to do — it may, in some cases, merely be a result of your goals.此外,所有的錢,在世界上不會做的工作,您需要做的要取得成功,並完成你訂出的事-它可能在某些情況下,只是因您的目標。

Success can be defined as setting attainable yet challenging goals, and making them happen.成功可以被界定為設定可以達到的,但具有挑戰性的目標,並使其發生。 Perhaps for some it could be a financial number, but what is that number?也許一些這可能是一個金融的數目,不過,是什麼號碼? It seems most people cannot answer that question.看來,大多數人都不能回答這問題。 More likely, goals should center on completing your college education, getting out once a week with friends or spending more quality time with the people you care about.更有可能,目標應為中心,完成您的大學教育,失控的每週一次與朋友或花費更多時間,質量與您關心的人。 Certainly, there is nothing wrong with having some professionally linked goals, such as obtaining a promotion or adding a set number of new clients to your portfolio in the next year.當然,有沒有什麼不妥的有一些專業聯繫的目標,例如獲得晉升或加入了一套一些新的客戶你的投資組合在未來的一年。

Success Myths Debunked成功的神話debunked

It could be said that the small business owner with a thriving landscape is more successful than a recently released CEO of a Fortune 500 company because goals were not met.可以說,小型企業所有者與欣欣向榮的景觀,是較為成功的比最近公佈的行政總裁的財富500強企業,因為目標沒有達到。 Of course, the latter likely has a lot more money and his goals might be loftier, but in the end, he failed.當然,後者可能有很多更多的錢和他的目標可能更高,但在最後,他失敗了。

When you set goals and accomplish them, you will feel fulfilled and, more importantly, gain the confidence required to advance to the next level and be successful.當您設定的目標和完成這些任務,你會感到滿足,更重要的是,獲得所需的信心,前進到下一級,並獲得成功。