By Melissa Zollo由梅麗莎zollo

John Lennon entitled a song “Imagine.” Thoreau once said: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!約翰藍儂題為一首歌曲"想像" 。梭羅曾經說過: "去,滿懷信心地在方向你的夢想! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Neville once said: “Imagination is the very gateway of reality.”活的生命你想像的"內維爾曾經說過: "想像力是非常網關的現實" 。

Are you waking up to a new way of being?你醒來了,以一種新的方式呢? Can you feel something rumbling deep within you, calling out to live more creatively, successfully, joyfully?你能感受到的東西搖晃深處你,呼喚生活更有創造性的,成功,快樂? The fragmented ways of your old thinking cannot bridge the divide between mind and matter, body and soul, challenges and dreams.片斷的方法,你的舊思維無法彌合之間的分歧,心與物,身體和靈魂,挑戰和夢想。 What if you build your finances, your business, your health, your relationships and your life around imagination and use your mental images, thoughts and feelings to attract the fulfillment of your dreams?如果你建立自己的財務,你的生意,你的健康,你的人際關係和你的生活周圍的想像力和使用你的心理影像,想法和感受,以吸引實現你的夢想嗎? By intentionally shifting into new states of consciousness you can change your blueprints of reality and affect your world.由故意轉移到新的國家意識,你可以改變你的藍圖,從實際出發,影響你的世界。 Imagination is power and you have it!想像力就是力量,你有這個! Imagination creates reality.想像創造了現實。

Life is a banquet 生活是一種宴會

Life is a banquet, so why are so many starving to death with unfulfilled desires?生活是一種宴會,那麼,為什麼有那麼多餓死與未實現的願望嗎? Laziness, complacency, no time, fear of the unknown – you name it and the excuses line up.懶惰,自滿,沒有時間,是源於對未知-你的名字,它和藉口排隊。 It’s up to you to impress your subconscious mind with beneficial images of success.這要看你要打動你的潛意識心態將有利於圖像的成功。 Doing this allows you to shift from undesirable patterns of being disempowered into habits that empower you.這樣做可以讓你轉移不良格局正在喪失成為習慣,讓您。

Everything begins with a dream, a purpose or a goal.一切都始於一個夢想,其目的或目標。 Being able to focus and concentrate in the midst of chaos gives you the winner’s advantage.能夠將注意力集中在一片混亂給您贏家的優勢。 You are a “focuser of energy.” Focus plus uplifted emotional moods are the keys to your success.你是一個" focuser的能源。 "焦點加上所賺的情緒喜怒哀樂都是鑰匙你的成功。 Whatever you do, never lose focus!無論你做的,從來沒有失去焦點!

Everybody Wants a Better Life 每個人都希望有一個更美好的生活

Everybody wants a better life, but if you do the same old things in the same old way you will get the same old results.每個人都希望有一個更好的生活,但是,如果你做同樣的,舊事物在同舊的方式你會得到同樣的老成果。 If a farmer plants corn seeds, he gets corn; he doesn’t get tomatoes.如果一個農民植物的玉米種子,他就能啟動玉米;他不和西紅柿。 If you focus on failure, poverty, or violent ideas how will you harvest (attract) success, wealth, or peace.如果您專注於失敗,貧窮,或暴力的想法,你會如何收穫(吸引)的成功,財富,還是和平。 If you want to change the results you are getting, you must change your images, because thought is creative.如果你想改變結果,你準備,你必須改變你的形象,因為思想是富於創造性。 How to begin?如何開始? First you must have a desire that is far greater than what you are currently experiencing.首先,你必須有一個願望,就是遠遠大於什麼,你正在經歷。

The World 世界各地

The world is a series of pictures, frames in a piece of film, or states of consciousness.世界是一個系列的照片,框在一塊薄膜,或國家的意識。 What you are conscious of is real to you because you think and feel it is real.你所意識到的是真正的你,因為你的思想和感覺,它是真實的。 Your world is your very own personal mirror, forever mirroring your thoughts.你的世界是你非常個人的一面鏡子,永遠鏡像你的想法。 It is your dream or your nightmare.這是你的夢想,或你的噩夢。 What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?你會怎樣敢於夢想,如果你知道你不能失敗? What would be different in your life and how would you feel if you realized your dream?將有什麼不同,在你的生命和你又會怎樣,如果你實現你的夢想嗎?

Intentional Creation 蓄意製造

The key to Intentional Creation is to know that everything is first created in your own imagination from an idea.關鍵蓄意製造是知道的一切,首先是在創造自己的想像力,從一個想法。 It is then projected out into the world as experience.這是當時的預測到世界的經驗。 If your experiences aren’t fulfilling, or what you had hoped for, then perhaps it is time to shift into a new state of awareness!如果你的經驗是,沒有很好地完成,或你所希望的,那麼也許現在是時候轉移到一個新的認識!

Just Imagine 試想

Images or mental pictures are your prayers.圖像上或精神上的照片都是你們的祈禱。 Your inner blueprints (images) determine your behavior and the results you attract in life.你的內心藍圖(圖像) ,決定你的行為和結果吸引你的人生。 They set the boundaries for what you can and cannot accept.他們約定了分界的是什麼,你可以和不可以接受的。 Living your life without a proper success image is like building a house without a blueprint.住你的生活中沒有一個適當的成功形象,就好像蓋房子沒有一個藍圖。

• Do you know how to design a success blueprint? •你知不知道如何設計一個成功的藍圖?
• Is your dream worthy of your talents and time? •你的夢想是值得你的才幹和時間?
• Would having it enable you to help those you love? •會後,它使您能夠幫助那些你愛嗎?
• What will becoming a conscious imagist do for you? •什麼會成為自覺的意象為你做了嗎?

Here are 8 Keys to Fulfilling Your Dream and Achieving Your Goal:這裡有8個按鍵,以實現你的夢想,實現你的目標:

1. 1 。 Design a mind-compelling blueprint for success that has deep meaning for you to complete.設計一個心令人信服的藍圖,成功的,含義深刻,讓您填寫。

2. 2 。 Propel yourself into action.推進自己化為行動。 Never despair over the time it takes for your dream to become a living reality.從來沒有絕望過所花費的時間為你的夢想是成為一個活生生的現實。

3. 3 。 Focus!重點! Concentrate on your goal, not the challenge and you will burn a hole in anything that stands in the way of your success.專注於你的目標,而不是挑戰,你會燒一個洞,凡是站在路的你的成功。

4. 4 。 Expand your thoughts as you modify your habits and behavior.擴大你的想法,因為你改變你的生活習慣與行為。

5. 5 。 Be patient.有耐心。 Recycle feelings of anger and fear into joy and gratitude.回收的感情,憤怒和恐懼到喜悅和感激之情。

6. 6 。 Be receptive and responsive to inner guidance and outer assistance.被接受和順應黨內的指導和外部援助。

7. 7 。 Success in any endeavor is measured by your belief in your deeper self.成就任何事業,是衡量你的信仰,在你的深層的自我。

8. 8 。 Walk in the awareness of answered prayer.走在意識垂聽我們的禱告。

What kind of mental image do you hold of yourself?什麼樣的精神形象,你把握自己? Everything you attract is an expression of your beliefs.一切你吸引,是一個表達你的信仰。 Every person, your job, income, kinds of friends all correspond to your inner blueprints.每個人,你的工作,收入,種朋友都對應於你的內心藍圖。 Nothing is impossible to Imagination – not poverty, stress, and not even adversity.沒有什麼是不可能的,以想像-不是窮,精神壓力,甚至不會逆境。 Riches are within your reach.財富屬於你達成。 Anything you dream of- a healthy body, gainful employment, loyal friends, or a greater understanding of the Source of Supply can be summoned, once you consistently apply the Laws of Attraction to yourself.任何你的夢想-一個健康的身體,有酬勞的工作,忠實的朋友,或更多地了解供應來源,可以傳喚,一旦你一貫適用法律的吸引力,給自己。 Imagine what you will attract once you know how to consciously use the Power of Imagination on your own behalf.試想,你會吸引一旦你知道如何自覺地利用這種權力的想像,你自己的代表。

Your ability to succeed is unlimited.你成功的能力是無限的。 Never close a door on a dream – your dreams are calling you!從來沒有關閉大門,對一個夢想-你的夢想是在呼喚你!