Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is an MD in China and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Canada and China.叶文志钢沙是一个海事处,在中国和一名医生的传统中医药在加拿大和中国。 He is an extraordinary divine healer, teacher and spiritual master.他是一个不平凡的神的医治,教师和精神主宰。 Dr. Sha is a grandmaster of many Eastern disciplines including Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu, Feng Shui and I Ching.叶文沙是一个grandmaster许多东部学科,包括太极,气功,武术,风水和易经。 He has authored the New York Times bestseller, Soul Mind Body Medicine, plus the bestselling book Power Healing.他的作者是纽约时报的畅销书,灵魂心体医学,再加上最畅销的书籍不是权力的愈合。 He is also the founder of the Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine.他也是创办人,该学会的灵魂心体医学。

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In this podcast, he talks about how chi works.在这个专题节目,他谈到如何池工程。 Apparently, chi is the result of the vibrations of your protons, neutrons, and electrons rapid movement within each cell.显然,志是因震动你的质子,中子和电子的快速运动的每一个细胞。 This vibration of each cell resonate to create chi.这种振动的每一个细胞产生共振,以创造智。 Sometimes, we have too much energy in certain places in our body, and too much energy can cause illness in the body.有时候,我们有太多的精力,在某些地方,在我们的身体,太多的精力可导致疾病在人体内。 He teaches us Soul Wisdom to help diffuse the additional energy to heal ourselves.他教导我们的灵魂智慧,以帮助分散的额外能源医治自己。

PBS has featured Dr. Sha in two documentaries: Power Healing with Master Sha and Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century.的PBS卖点沙博士在两个纪录片:电力愈合硕士沙和气功:中国古代愈合,为二十一世纪。 In recognition of his achievements, Dr. Sha was named Qi Gong Master of the Year at the 5th World Congress on Qi Gong.以表彰他的成就,沙博士被任命为启功大师的一年,在第5次世界代表大会关于启功。 He is dedicated to transforming the consciousness of humanity and all souls in the universe.他致力于改造意识的人类和所有的灵魂在宇宙中。

He talks about how we can use the Soul to heal ourselves.他谈论如何,我们可以用灵魂来治愈自己。 His book, Power Healing, is the only book that I have ever purchased additional copies of, to give to other people.他的著作,电力愈合,是唯一的书,是我所购买的额外副本,分给其他人。 This man is a Saint.这名男子是一个圣人。 I recommend becoming familiar with his work.我建议,熟悉他的工作。