This is a review of my podcast here at CultivateGreatness.這是一個回顧我的播客在這裡cultivategreatness 。 Very kind words indeed from Alex at非常客氣的話,確實從徐家在 。 Thanks Alex!感謝徐家!

What I love about podcasting is the variety of podcasts available out in the podosphere; whether your interests are mainstream or whether you’re grabbing at that long tail and seeking out more niche subjects.什麼我愛對於播客的是各種各樣的播客可在podosphere ;是否你的興趣是主流還是你搶在那個尾巴很長,並尋找更合適的科目。

Whatever you’re interest, you’re more or less certain to find something which satisfies that particular interest and your subscriptions to your podcasts will probably be a reflection of who you are and what floats your boat.無論你的興趣,你就更多或更少一定能找到的東西,滿足特定的興趣和你的訂閱你的播客可能會反映您是誰,有什麼您自己的手上。

I have a wide variety of podcasts in my now famous iTunes subscription list and a good handful of those are self-development podcasts.我有各種各樣的播客,我現在著名的iTunes訂閱清單和良好的極少數,這些都是自我發展的播客。 With so many self-development books on the market, sometimes it’s just so much easier to stick in the ear buds, crank up the MP3 player and away you go.這麼多的,自我發展的書籍在市場上,有時這只是很容易堅持在耳芽,曲柄了MP3播放器,並遠離你去。

Once particular self-development podcast that I subscribe to is Cultivate Greatness with Travis Wright.一次,特別是自我發展的podcast我訂閱的是培養偉大與查維斯賴特。

Listening to Travis is like getting a shot of caffeine via your ear buds.聽了崔維斯是越來越喜歡的一個鏡頭咖啡因通過您的耳芽。

I recently asked Travis where he gets his energy from as his verbal vigour and enthusiasm crackles like static.最近,我問崔維斯那裡他得到他的精力,從他的言語的活力和熱情裂紋喜歡靜態的。 Travis said it was simple, “… it’s from my passion”, he said.查維斯表示,這是簡單的, " … …這是從我的熱情, "他說。

It’s that “passion” that I refer to so often in my blogs…and I make no apologies for returning to this reference over and over again.它的"激情" ,我指的,所以常常在我的博客… …我不道歉,回本參考以上,並再次改革。

Sometimes it’s my own passions for a particular subject that keeps me hooked on that podcast, or alternatively I may have no or very little interest in a particular subject, but the podcaster’s own passion about their given subject comes across so well that not only are they great to listen to simply just for that, but that passion also makes it entertaining.有時,這是我自己的熱情,為某一特定的課題,我一直自持,即播客,或者我可能沒有或很少有興趣,在某一特定主題,但podcaster自己的激情,對他們給予受遇到這麼清楚他們不僅是偉大聽取單純只為,但熱情,也使得它的娛樂。

It’s that passion that comes across from so many podcasters; not always in an evangelising or even a patronising way, but in a sometimes subtle… and sometimes in a “Travis Wright” kind of way.它的激情來,從全國這麼多播客;並非總是在福傳,甚至光顧的方式,但在一個微妙的,有時…有時在一個"查維斯賴特"的一種方式。

If you’re passionate about what you do, what you like and what you care for, others will pick up on it… that’s why I’m subscribed to Cultivate Greatness; it’s Travis’s enthusiasm as well as the interesting content.如果你是熱愛你做什麼,你想在什麼和什麼,你關心,別人也會拿起它…這就是為什麼我訂閱的培育偉大,它的查維斯的積極性,以及有趣內容。 Appropriately enough Travis considered branding himself as an “Enthusiologist”.適度夠查維斯考慮自己的品牌,作為" enthusiologist " 。

Anyway… back to the podcast…反正…回播客…

Taking themes from Napoleon Hill, inspirational guests and from his own experiences in self-development while turning his own life around, Travistravis-wright.jpg projects a “good buddy” type of inspiration, the same type of “good buddy” inspiration you get hanging out with pals discussing plans and feeding off each other’s gusto.採取主題,從拿破崙希爾,鼓舞人心的嘉賓,並從他自己的親身經歷,在自我發展的同時,把自己周圍的生活, travistravis - wright.jpg項目的"好夥伴"式的靈感,同樣類型的"好夥伴"的靈感,你得到墜樓與朋友討論計劃和餵養過對方的欣然接受。

While this podcast touches on saving and making money, this podcast isn’t about “get rich” schemes, instead it’sa podcast about the real “riches” we have within us with regards to our skills, talents, characteristics, likes and dislikes.雖然這個播客,涉及儲蓄和賺錢,這是播客不是對"先富起來"的計劃,而不是它的podcast對真正的"富貴"我們已在我們對於我們的技術,人才,特色,喜歡和不喜歡。 In essence, it’s about finding ways of enabling ourselves to be the best that we can be… and sharing these ideas.從本質上講,它的左右尋找如何使自己成為最好的,我們可以… …和分享這些想法。

Listen to Travis’s Cultivate Greatness podcasts and you won’t be in any doubt about the difference between being “rich” and being “wealthy”.聽查維斯的培育偉大播客,你將不會有任何懷疑的區別被"富人"和"富裕" 。

Currently, Travis is concentrating his podcasts “Leadership Author Interview” with “go-getting” guests, including the former President of Coca Cola Jack Stahl among others.目前,查維斯正在集中他的播客"的領導作者訪談"與"走出去獲得"嘉賓,包括李前總統的可口可樂傑克料等。

One particular podcast of Travis’s that you must listen to is the one where he reads from inspirational books to his son at bedtime.一個特殊的podcast的查維斯的,你一定要聽,誰就是他的行文,由啟發性的書籍給他兒子在睡覺了。 What a great way to get a great kick-start to life from an early age!什麼是偉大的辦法讓一個偉大啟動生命從幼年!

Anyway, give Cultivate Greatness a listen by heading over to http://cultivategreatness.com無論如何,讓培育的偉大一,聽取由標題給