by Leon Basin 由Leon盆地

Saying ‘Hi’ seems as simple as breathing, yet many men feel afraid, when a beautiful women walks by them, and they cannot get enough masculinity to say Hi.說, '喜'似乎是那麼簡單,呼吸,但許多男人覺得害怕,當一個美麗的女子走過他們,他們不能得到足夠的陽剛之說,喜。 This simple technique if done in a simple manner, can guarantee success with the women you are trying to pursue.這個簡單的技術,如果做一個簡單的方式,可以保證成功與婦女,你正試圖追求。
The way to say ‘Hi’: 方式說'喜' :

When a women walks by, say ‘Hi’ in an affirmative tone.當一個婦女走過,說'喜'在一個肯定的語氣。 Do not stop, and try talking to her, just continue walking, as if nothing happened.不制止,並設法談她,只是繼續散步,好像什麼事都沒有發生。 If you stop, you are now giving away the mystery, which makes you be more attractive to a women.如果您停止,你現在讓了神秘感,使你更有吸引力,以一個女性。 Giving away information about yourself will not benefit you in the end.送您的個人資料,不利於你到底。 Once you say Hi, for the first time, continue walking as I mentioned before, and continue saying Hi, every time you see her.一旦你喜說,這是第一次,繼續走正如我以前所說,並不斷地說,您好您每次去看她。 Each time you say Hi, you put her thinking cap on.每一次你說喜,你把她的思想帽。 She will think why you have not approached her yet.她會覺得為什麼你還沒有走近她。 Once you say Hi 5 times, switch to Hellos.一旦你說,喜的5倍,改用問候。 You should do this more than 10 times; after a solid number of Hello’s and Hi’s she will approach you herself, because women cannot take the mystery.你應該做的事情,這10次以上;經過了堅實的數目你好的,高科技的,她會向你自己,因為女性不能走個謎。

Conclusion: 結論:

You are not losing anything; you are simply being your happy-self, who is always happy.你是不是失去什麼事情也辦不成,你只是被你的快樂自我,他們永遠是快樂的。 Once you get in the process of saying ‘Hi’ too all of the beautiful women, you will realize that your confidence will improve dramatically.一旦你在這一過程中說, '喜'太所有的美麗的女子,你會明白,你的信心會大大提高。 When women start talking to you, they will not look at you as some average guy, they will see you as a happy and outgoing guy.當婦女開始與你談話,他們不會看你,因為有些平均傢伙,他們會看你有一個愉快的和即將離任的傢伙。 Who has no problems in his life.誰沒有問題,在他的生命。