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I believe we would all agree that having a winning feeling is prerequisite to achieving outstanding我相信大家都同意,有一个得奖的感觉是前提,以优异成绩 个人发展鲍勃Proctor的 results.结果。 A person can’t possibly expect to win if they’re constantly focusing on failure!一个人不可能指望赢,如果他们不断地侧重于失败! The real secret here is to capture that winning feeling of success as often as you can to create the environment necessary to succeed.真正的秘密,这里是抓住获胜的感觉,因为成功往往是因为你可以创造必要的环境,以取得成功。

If you’ve been a little down in the dumps, feeling insecure or perhaps not feeling as confident in your ability as you’d like, I have a great tip for you.如果你已经有点下降,在倾卸场,感觉不安全或者不舒服,因为有信心,你有能力,因为你想,我有一个伟大的秘诀给你。 My suggestion to anyone looking for a success track to run on, or to a person who is looking to get back on one, is to start capitalizing on short-term victories.我的建议,任何人在寻求一个成功的轨道上运行,或一个人都指望回到一个,是开始利用短期胜利。 That means specifically focus on tasks you can achieve daily.这意味着明确重点任务,你能达到每日。 The principle is to start with an adversity over which you can succeed, and gradually take on more and more difficult tasks.原则是先作一个逆境以上,你可以成功,并逐步承担起更多和更艰巨的任务。 Nothing succeeds like success.没有成功一样成功。

Another technique used by many people in developing or maintaining a winning feeling is what we call the reflection method.另一种技术所使用的,很多人是在发展中国家还是维持一个得奖的感觉是什么,我们称之为反射法。 Think back during a time where you were really successful at something… we all have times to which we can relate.回想一下在那里的时候,你真正成功的东西…我们每个人都有时代,这是我们如何去做。 It could have been a sale, a particular speech, a school play, or standing up to the town bully.它可能会被出售,特别是讲话中,一所学校演出,或者站起来,向城恃强凌弱。 Each one of us can reflect back on a moment in time to recapture that winning feeling.我们每个人都可以反映回到了一瞬间的时间夺回来表示,获奖的感觉。

Professional sports coaches often replay winning games of the past for their team prior to a big game to stimulate and create a winning feeling!专业体育教练往往重放获奖游戏的过去,为自己的球队之前的一个大的游戏,以刺激和创造一个得奖的感觉!

Years ago, a good friend of mine had left his job and a company that he had worked with for many years.几年前,有一个很好的朋友矿井已离开他的工作,和一家公司,他曾共事多年。 He was one of the top VPs with his company and had done extremely well.他是一个顶尖的VPS的与他的公司,并已做了非常好。 He had left because he wanted to start his own business.他已离开,因为他想开办自己的生意。 I told him he could use one of our offices until such time as he was ready to open up his own office.我告诉他,他可以利用我们的一个办事处,直到这种时候,因为他已准备开放自己的办公室。

In any event, I happened to be in the office one afternoon and Grant, who normally was very upbeat and positive, was really having a difficult time.不管怎样,我正好是在办公室,一个下午和赠款,他们通常是非常乐观和积极的,是真正有困难的时候。 After a few moments of small talk, it became apparent what the problem was.经过几分钟的小对话,很明显问题是什么。 Grant had hit the terror barrier and the possibility of starting his own company was overwhelming him… he just didn’t think he could do it.金曾触及恐怖界限,并有可能开始拥有自己的公司是压倒他…他只是没有想到他能做到这一点。 Here’sa man who had risen to the top of his field, made a high six-figure income for years… and yet was still having doubts as to his ability to start his own company.下面的人已经上升到了自己最大的领域,提出了高六位数的收入来…然而仍然有疑虑,以他的能力,开始拥有自己的公司。

I asked Grant to go home, get a notebook and start to write down all of his accomplishments, as far back as he could remember.我问金回家,让笔记型电脑,并开始写下他的所有成绩,就回来,因为他能记住。 The look on his face was priceless – I’m sure he thought I’d lost my mind.外观上他的脸是无价的-我敢肯定,他以为我会失去我的想法。 I told him that the accomplishment could be small or large… it didn’t really matter.我告诉他说,这一成果可能是小型企业还是大型… …它没有真正的问题。 The point was to focus on something positive.有人指出,把重点放在一些正面的。 I still remember him asking, “Well, what if I only fill half a page.” I just smiled and asked him to do his best and start writing.我还记得他问, "好了,如果我只是填补半页, "我只是笑了,反过来问他,做他最好的,并开始写作。

Monday morning came and Grant was back in the office with a notebook full of accomplishments.周一上午来到和补助金是早在办公室与笔记本充满成就。 I smiled and said, “You must have been fairly confident, you picked up a good sized notebook!” We both had a good laugh. i微笑着说: "你一定是有相当的信心,你拿起一个好的大中型笔记本! : "我们双方进行了良好的笑声。 Grant went on to build a multi-million dollar financial planning company and later franchised the operation to extend across Canada and the US!金接着就建立一个多万美元的财务规划公司,后来专利的运作,以扩大加拿大各地及美国!

This is a great exercise for anyone needing a bit of a boost.这是一个伟大的运动,任何人需要一点刺激。 What would give you a winning feeling of pride and satisfaction?会怎样给你一个得奖的感觉,自豪感和满足感? Remember… a winning feeling is a confident feeling and one that forgets misses, and reinforces successful attempts.记住… …一项得奖的感觉是一个自信的感觉是一个数典忘错过了,并加强了成功的尝试。

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