By Bonnie McFarland 由邦妮mcfarland

It’s January, a time that many people, hoping to improve their lives, make New Year’s resolutions.它的一月,一時間,很多人,希望能改善他們的生活,做出新的一年的決議。 Unfortunately experts say that in less than a month the majority of those resolutions will already be broken.不幸的專家們指出,在不到一個月的時間內大部分的這些決議將已經被打破。

So why not completely skip the resolutions and create a “lights on” vision for 2008 instead?那麼,為何不能完全跳過的各項決議和創造一個“強光照射”的設想在2008年而不是? A vision of what you truly want that can energize you and guide you as you make this your best year ever!願景是什麼,你真正想可以的活力,你和引導你你,讓它成為您最好的一年!

My Vision Became a Reality我的夢想成為現實
In 2002 I realized how much I would love to have a water view house.在2002年我意識到我是多麼喜歡有水的看法。 I shared my dream with Denny, my husband, who then joined me in looking for a new home. i分享我的夢想與丹尼• ,我的丈夫,誰加入,然後我在尋找新的家園。

We drove around countless neighborhoods, searched on the internet, let people know we were looking, checked out any likely possibility, made calls, and wrote letters to property owners.我們驅車約無數的街道,搜查了互聯網上,讓人們知道我們正在尋找,簽出的任何可能性,作出了要求,並寫信給物業業主。 For five years!為五年!

During this time, I used my “life tools,” (many of them over and over again): getting clear about my vision, setting my intention, creating a vision map, calling on my allies, following our lights (what energized and enlivened us) and our curiosity, noticing what was and wasn’t showing up, shifting my attention away from Monkey Mind and toward what I wanted, de-cluttering our existing house, and releasing the outcome.在這段時間內,我用“生活的工具, ” (他們中的許多並再次) :越來越清楚我的視野,設置,我打算建立一個遠景地圖,要求我的盟友,以下為我們的燈(這是什麼激發了搞活我們)和我們的好奇,看到什麼,並沒有顯示,轉移我的注意力從猴子的態度對我想,得亂七八糟,我們現有的房子,和釋放的結果。

Many times we became discouraged and frustrated (especially me!).很多時候,我們成為氣餒和沮喪(尤其是我! ) 。 I would give up for a while.我想放棄了一段時間。 Then I would return to my vision of what I really wanted, refining it over time and still knowing I truly wanted a house with a view of the water.然後我將返回我的夢想是什麼,我真的希望,精煉,它隨著時間的推移,仍然不知道我真的想要一個家,以期的水。 Denny stayed patient and persistent, trusting it would happen, persevering.丹尼•下榻的耐心和堅持不懈,相信它會發生,鍥而不捨。

On December 7, 2023 — nearly six years after we began the process — my vision became a reality.關於2007年12月7日-近六年後,我們開始的過程-我的夢想成為了現實。 On that day, we picked up the keys to our water view home!這一天,我們拿起了鑰匙,我們水的看法回家!

It is different than my original vision.這是不同的比我原來的視野。 It’s on Samish Island, rather than in the Seattle area.它的對samish島嶼,而不是在西雅圖地區。 It’sa house in need of some updating and remodeling, rather than a new home.這家在需要一些更新和改造,而不是一個新的家園。 It doesn’t even have a garage, which my car-loving husband wouldn’t have thought he could do without.它甚至沒有一個車庫,我國汽車愛好的丈夫也不會認為他可以做的沒有。

And we love it!我們愛在此!

This new place is so much more than I ever dreamed.這個新的地方是那麼多比我更以往任何時候都夢見。 The property is more than water view; it is waterfront, so close to the water it seems as if we’re sitting on a boat.財產是多水的看法,這是海濱,這麼近的水看來,如果我們想要坐在一條船。 On Samish Island, we unexpectedly and delightedly have found community and an ever-growing circle of friends.對samish島嶼,我們意外和高興地發現,社會和不斷增長的朋友圈。 We love the quiet and natural beauty of this area.我們非常喜歡安靜和自然之美,這方面的工作。

We had a vision.我們有一個願景。 It took us a long time and we faced a number of challenges.我們花了很長的時間,我們面臨一系列挑戰。 We didn’t give up our vision, though, and now our dreams have come true.我們並沒有放棄我們的理想,雖然,現在我們的夢想已經成真。

In Your Life在您的生活
How can you make your own dreams come true?你如何能作出自己的夢想成真? Try these steps:試試這些步驟:

1) Get clear about what you truly, deeply want for this year. 1 )獲得明確的是什麼,你真正的,深刻的想為這一年。

What lights you up?什麼燈,你呢? What do you love?你有什麼愛? If anything were possible, what would you ask for?如果有什麼是可能的,你會怎樣要求?

Imagine the life you desire.可想而知,生活,你的願望。 Sense it.意義上講,它。 See it.看到它。 How will you feel when this comes true?你會如何感受時,這是否屬實?

The more specific and detailed your vision, the better.更具體和詳細的您的願景,就越好。 Don’t worry if you’re not yet crystal clear.不用擔心如果您尚未清楚。 Start with what you do know and let that evolve and become clearer over time.開始與你知道,並讓這種演變,並成為清晰的一段時間。

2) Make it concrete and keep your focus on it. 2 )使混凝土和保持您的重點。

Write it down.它寫下來。 Create a drawing or collage that represents your vision.創建一個繪圖或拼貼,代表您的願景。 Post your vision where you’ll see it frequently so it will remind you of your desires and your commitment to create your vision.發布您的眼光在這裡您可以看到它,所以它經常會提醒你,你的願望和您的承諾,創造您的願景。

3) Use whatever life tools work for you. 3 )使用,無論生活的工具,為您工作。

You may well face challenges and obstacles.你可能面對的挑戰和障礙。 As I mentioned, I used many of my life tools over and over during this process.正如我剛才所說,我用我的許多生活工具及以上的在這個過程中。 What are your most effective tools for living?什麼是您最有效的工具,為生活呢? Use them.使用它們。

4) Take “lights on” actions. 4 )以“燈”行動。

Follow your curiosity and your energy to choose action steps.按照您的好奇心和您的能源選擇的行動步驟。 The steps can be big or small; what matters is that you are moving in the direction of your vision.步驟可以或大或小的;什麼事情是你在運動的方向,您的願景。

5) Notice and be open to what shows up. 5 )公告,並開放給什麼顯示。

Life sends little clues to guide you, clues that may look different than expected.生活發送很少的線索來指導你,線索,可能看起來不同,超出市場預期。

Denny was lights on about spending time on Samish Island.丹尼•是燈就約花費時間就samish島嶼。 When we did that, we fell in love with the island and shifted our home search there, 100 miles from where we had been looking.當我們這樣做,我們已經深深愛上了同島和轉移我們的主頁搜索有, 100英里的地方,我們一直期待。 Samish Island turned out to be just the place we were meant to be and it was very different from our initial vision. samish島原來是剛才的地方,我們的意思是,它是非常不同的,從我們初步的視野。

6) Balance between focusing on your vision and releasing it. 6 )之間的平衡著眼於您的視覺和釋放。

We first heard that our new home might be coming on the market nearly a year ago.我們第一次聽到,我們的新家園的可能未來在市場上近一年前。 In the months that followed, we sometimes joyously thought the house would be ours; sometimes disappointedly believed it was sold to others.在數個月之後,我們有時joyously思想眾議院將我們的,有時令人失望,相信這是出售給他人。

We did our best to ride this roller coaster.我們沒有我們的最好的共度時艱,這過山車。 We repeatedly returned to our clear desire to own a home on the Island and our trust that it would be that particular one if it was for our highest good or, if not, something better would appear (even if we had no idea what that could possibly be!).我們一再回到我們的明確願望,以自己的一個家就在島內和我們的信任,這將是特別1如果這是我們最高的好或如果沒有的話,更好的將出現(即使我們不知道什麼可以可能! ) 。

The key is “Don’t give up your dream.” It may take longer than you’d like (not that it has to take you six years!).關鍵是“不要放棄自己的夢想。 ”它可能需要較長時間比您想要(不,它已採取你六年! ) 。 It may look different than you thought it would.它可能看起來不同,比你以為會。 And don’t give up your dream.和不放棄自己的夢想。

May all your dreams come true — and even better!可能您所有的夢想成真-甚至更好的!

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