By Mike Moore 由总干事穆尔

There are literally millions of words written and spoken each week on enlightened leadership yet the fact remains that low morale, high stress and job dissatisfaction continue to be three of the most serious problems facing the workplace.有近数百万字的书面和口语,每星期对开明的领导,但事实仍然是,士气低落,高应力和工作的不满,继续以三个面临的最严重问题工作场所。 We seem to be so effectively socialized into top down leadership that we find it extremely difficult, if not impossib我们似乎是如此有效地融入社会由上而下的领导,我们觉得非常困难,如果不是impossib leadership training le, to change our autocratic ways.乐,改变我们的专制的方式。 All this in spite of the many workshops and seminars on new leadership paradigms which are rooted in the empowerment of people.这一切,尽管许多讲习班和研讨会,对新一届领导范式,这是植根于权力的人。

Change is both slow and painful but it is happening.变化是缓慢而痛苦的,但它正在发生的事情。 To facilitate this process of change requires both desire and commitment plus a sound understanding of what an enlightened leader looks like.为了推动这一转变的过程,需要双方的愿望和承诺,再加上一个健全的理解是什么一个开明的领导人看起来像。 It is necessary to visualize the type of leader we are striving to become.这是必要的可视化类型的领导人,我们正在努力成为。


* values the ideas and opinions of others. *价值观的想法和意见等。
* listens attentively. *聚精会神地听。
* affirms generously *申明慷慨
* criticizes gently and privately. *批评轻轻地及私人。
* trusts the collective wisdom of the group. *信托基金的集体智慧,该集团。
* encourages others to achieve their enormous untapped potential. *鼓励他人以实现其巨大的尚未发掘的潜力。
* catches people doing things right. *渔获人民做事的权利。
* involves people in decisions which effect their destiny. *涉及人民在决定自己命运的效果。
* keeps people informed. *保持人知情。
* has a sense of humour. *有一个具有幽默感。
* trusts the decisions of others. *信托基金的决定等。
* realizes that his/her opinion is just one among many. *认识到他/她的意见,只是其中很多。
* isn’t threatened when people disagree with them. *不是威胁,当人们不同意他们。
* rejects the ” my way or the highway” paradigm. *拒绝: “我的方式或高速公路”的范式。
* cares about the total well being of those with whom she/he works. *关心总的福祉,这些人与她/他的工程。
* believes that the most valuable inventory of any business is people. *认为,最宝贵的清单,任何业务的是人民。
* seeks out and acts upon the advice of others. *目的和行为的意见后,等。
* gives credit rather than takes credit. *给予信贷,而不是采取信贷。

These are a few of the characteristics of an enlightened leader which, if present in the workplace, result in both improved morale and increased productivity.这些都是几个特点,一个开明的领导人,如果目前在工作场所,结果在双方的士气,改善和提高生产力。

It is in the best interest of any business to care about the well being of its employees.这是在最佳利益的任何业务,关心的福祉其雇员。

Author’s Bio作者的生物

Mike Moore is an international speaker/ writer/cartoonist on humour and appreciation in the workplace.穆尔是一个国际议长/作家/漫画家对幽默感和赞赏,在工作场所。 He is the author and illustrator of the popular special report Humor in the Workplace.他是作者和插图画家的热门专题报告幽默在工作场所。

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