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On January 20, 2024 Jim Kouzes was first inspired to dedicate himself to leadership.對1961年1月20日吉姆kouzes最初的靈感特別能奉獻自己的領導。 That was the day he was one of only a dozen Eagle Scouts who served in John F. Kennedy’s Honor Guard at the Presidential Inauguration.這是一天,他是一個只有十幾鷹童軍曾在約翰肯尼迪奇摩儀仗隊在總統就職典禮。

領導的播客 CG.com #017 Podcast - Jim Kouzes cg.com編號017的播客-吉姆k ouzes

I was very honored to interview with Mr. Kouzes.我感到非常榮幸先生訪談錄kouzes 。 For over 25 years, they have interviewed countless leaders and developed the widely used and highly acclaimed Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), a 360° questionnaire assessing leadership behavior to over 250,000 individuals.超過25年,他們採訪了無數領袖和發展了廣泛使用,並高度讚揚領導的做法庫存(低截獲概率) , 360 °問卷評估領導行為,以超過25.0萬的個人。

“Always, always always be a learner!- Jim Kouzes” “永遠,永遠永遠是學習! -吉姆k ouzes”

He talks about some of the key traits for leaders to explore new ideas and to dive into helping their members grow as people.他談的一些主要性狀的領導人,以探索新的思路和潛水到幫助其成員成長為人民。

He talks about The Five Practices of leadership, which are:他談到五的做法,領導,它們是:

  1. Challenging the process具有挑戰性的過程
  2. Inspiring a shared vision鼓舞人心的共同願景
  3. Enabling others to act使他人的行為
  4. Modeling the way建模方式
  5. Encouraging the heart令人鼓舞的心

And he answers questions such as:他的答案的問題,例如:

  • What is the one thing you have done this week to make you better than last week?什麼是一件事,你所做的這週,使您更好地比上週?
  • What are some of your productivity tricks?什麼是您的一些生產力伎倆?
  • What advice would you give a CEO of a startup company?有什麼意見,你會給一位CEO一個處於創業階段的公司呢?
  • What are the most troubling aspects of leadership today.什麼是最令人不安的方面的領導今天。 What are people encountering problems with?什麼是人民所遇到的問題?

Jim Kouzes is the coauthor with Barry Posner of the award-winning and best-selling book,吉姆kouzes是共同作者與巴里波斯納的獲獎和暢銷書, The Leadership Challenge領導的挑戰 , with over one million copies sold. ,擁有超過一百萬份出售。 He’s also an executive fellow, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University.他的,也是長官的研究員,中心的創新和企業家精神, leavey商學院,聖塔克拉拉大學。 Pick it up and absorb the wisdom.挑選起來,吸納的智慧。

Books that Jim Kouzes Recommends:書籍吉姆kouzes建議:

Anything by Warren Bennis任何由華倫班尼斯
The Change Masters- by Rosabeth Moss Kanter變化的主人-由rosabeth莫斯坎特
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