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An inherent weakness that we all have, in both our personal and career lives, is SLOW decision making.一所固有的弱點,我們都,無論在我們的個人和職業生活,是緩慢的決策。 You know you need to do something, but for unknown reasons, you procrastinate.你知道你需要做一些事情,但不知什麼原因,你拖。 Maybe it is less painful not to do something than it is to do it.也許是承受那麼多痛苦,不要做一些比它這樣做。 Perhaps it is like a menu in a restaurant with too many choices and you can not decide on what to select.也許是像菜單中的一間餐廳,與太多的選擇,你不能決定什麼選擇。 Perhaps you are afraid of hearing the word “no”, and so you never do what needs to be accomplished.也許你是怕聽到“不”字,所以你永遠不會做什麼,需要完成。

Whatever the reason, the facts show that people fail because of the lack of deciding to do something, WHEN it should be done.不管什麼原因,事實表明,人們不能因為缺乏決定做一些事情,當它應該做的事。 Those that are most successful in any endeavor are those who are quick to grasp opportunities by making quick decisions.那些是最成功的任何努力,是那些能迅速抓住機遇,作出快速的決定。

I once worked with a man I will call “Ted”, who was always late for EVERYTHING — work, meetings, deadlines for presentations and of course, making decisions.有一次我與一名男子,我會請“泰德” ,他總是遲到的一切-工作,會議,截止日期為介紹和當然,作出決定。 I even joked with him that he would be late for his own funeral.我什至開玩笑地跟他說,他將晚,他自己的葬禮。 And here is the ironic part — “Ted” set his watch 15 minutes ahead to make sure that he was on time, and he WAS STILL CONSISTENTLY LATE!這裡是具有諷刺意味的一部分-“泰德”設置觀賞,他提前1 5分鐘,以確保他是對的時間,他仍然堅持晚!

Build the skill of deciding quickly one way or the other, even at the risk of deciding wrong.建立技能決定迅速的方法之一,或其他,即使是在風險的決定是錯誤的。 You can always change your mind.您可以隨時改變您的想法。 Plus, if you find that you did make the wrong decision, you get the added benefit of knowing what does not work.另外,如果您發現自己沒有作出錯誤的決定,您就獲得了好處,知道什麼是行不通的。 Just do it quickly, and make the necessary changes when you know you are off course.只是這樣做快,做必要的修改,當你知道你是小康的過程中。 Practice this for a week or two and you will notice an improvement in your ability to make decisions quickly.實踐這一個星期或兩個,你會發現一個改善你有能力作出決定,迅速。

So, here are some special and very simple exercises for you to train yourself.所以,這裡有一些特殊和非常簡單的練習,為您培養自己。 For the next week, I want you to do to develop your skill in making quicker decisions in your daily affairs.為下星期,我要你做的發展你的技能在作出更快的決定,在您的日常事務。 Set your alarm clock for the time you wish to get up and arise at exactly that fixed time — do not hit the snooze button!設定鬧鐘時間為你想起來,正是出現在固定的時間-不要擊中小睡按鈕! Also, anything that you should accomplish, do on time, or better yet, ahead of time.此外,凡是你應該完成,這樣做對的時間,或更好,但未來的時間。 Show up for a meeting, a date or lunch appointment on time, or better 5-10 minutes early.顯示在某次會議上,一個日期或午餐時間,就任命,或更好的5-10分鐘的早期。 By making quick decisions on the little things you will acquire the ability and confidence to make quick decisions on bigger, more important things.作出快速的決定,對小的東西,你將獲得的能力和信心,作出快速的決定,更大,更重要的事情。 Never, never, never procrastinate.從來,從來,從來沒有拖延。

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Keith A. Shaw, President of祁俊文答:逸夫總統 is an authority on motivation, self improvement, success, health and wellness.是的權威動機,自我改進,成功,健康與保健。 Keith is the author and creator of “The Power Of Thought”, “The Power Of Serenity And Peace” and “The Power Of Concentration” Success Systems that have helped people achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.祁俊文是作者和創造者“思想的力量” , “權力的安寧與和平”和“權力集中”成功的系統,幫助人們實現以上的夢想,他們以往任何時候都可能。 He also created “The Power Of Qigong” DVDs and books for improving health, wellness, energy, mind power and more.他還創造了“權力氣功”的DVD和書籍,為改善衛生,健康,能源,牢記權力和更多。