True prosperity has a spiritual basis.真正的繁荣,有一个精神的基础上。 “God is the Source of your supply.” So states Catherine Ponder in her wonderful book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. “上帝是来源,您的供应。 ”因此,国凯瑟琳思考在她精彩的图书的动态规律,繁荣。 Just as we engage God through prayer for that which we claim to be true, and we connect with God spiritually through the practice of meditation, so too do we give the GIFT of Tithing to consistently keep in touch with the Infinite Source of our supply, God.”Systematic giving opens the way to systematic receiving,” according to Dr. Ponder.正如我们从事的上帝,通过祈祷,为那些我们的索赔是真实的,和我们连线与上帝的精神,通过实践,冥想,也是如此做,我们给予的礼物邻要始终保持联系,与无限的来源,我们的供应,上帝“系统给予开辟了道路系统的接收, ”根据医生的思考。 Giving to God 10% of that which we have received to persons or places where you are receiving your spiritual nourishment allows you to enjoy true prosperity with wondrous results.给上帝的10 % ,其中,我们已收到的人或地方,您会收到您的精神食粮让您享受真正的繁荣与创造的结果。

The practice of the ancient law of prosperity is as old as we are as a species.实践古代法律的繁荣,是由于旧的,因为我们作为一个物种。 From primitive man who offered sacrifices to his gods to evolving civilizations of Egyptians, Babylonians and Arabians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese, tithing (the word “tithe” means “tenth”) was a way of life.从原始的人提供的牺牲,他的神,以不断变化的文明的埃及人,巴比伦人和阿拉伯人,希腊人,罗马和中国,邻(单词“什一税”是指“十五” )是一种生活方式。 “The ancients intuitively knew that giving, sharing and putting God first financially was the first step to permanent, enduring prosperity,” writes author Ponder. “古人的直觉知道,给予,分享和把上帝首先在财政上是第一步,永久,长期繁荣” ,写作者的思考。 They felt that ten was the magic number of increase.他们认为, 10是魔术数字的增长。

Some of the most prominent millionaires of the twentieth century attributed their extraordinary success to the practice of tithing.一些最突出的百万富翁的二十世纪归因于他们的不平凡的成功实践邻。 Catherine Ponder reports, “In 1855, as a young man, John D. Rockefeller began tithing.凯瑟琳思考的报告, “在1855年,作为一个年轻男子,约翰洛克菲勒开始邻。 His total income for that year was $95.00 from which he tithed $9.50 to his church.” However, she goes on to say, “between 1855 and 1934, he gave away $531 million dollars.他的总收入,这一年是$ 95.00 ,从他tithed九点五零美元,以祂的教会“ 。不过,她接着说, ” 1855年和1934年,他给了远离五三一○○○○○○美元美元。 His standard reply to critics of his generosity was ‘God gave me my money.’”So many of the plans for becoming wealthy and rich focus on “getting” and forget about “giving.” These schemes are not based on a spiritual foundation.他的标准答复批评他的慷慨是'上帝给了我我的钱。 “这么多的计划,成为富裕和丰富的重点放在”获得“忘记”给予“ 。这些计划并非基于一种精神的基础。 When God is in the equation, wealth (meaning well-being and wholeness) is assured.So what are we really doing when we are giving the GIFT of Tithing?当上帝是在方程,财富(即福祉和整体性)是assured.so什么是我们真的这样做,当我们给予的礼物邻? We are saying, “Thank you, God” for the generous bounty that we have received.我们是在说“谢谢你,上帝”的慷慨恩惠,我们已经收到。

I recently read the most revealing paragraph in Joel Goldsmith’s book, Consciousness Transformed.我最近读的最暴露段在约珥金的书,意识转化。 In it he states: “A mistake has been made on the subject of tithing.在它他说: “错了已经取得的主题邻。 Since it was discovered that those who tithe never know lack or limitation, it was believed that if you would teach this to people, they would always be prosperous,” writes the founder of the Infinite Way.因为它被发现,那些从来不知道什一税缺乏或限制,据认为,如果你教这个人,他们会永远繁荣, “写的创始人之一,无限的方式。 “This is not true,” he continues. “这是不正确的, ”他继续。 “Tithing is something that can only take place when individuals receive inwardly the realization of what great gifts of God they have received, and in gratitude decide to share some part of it,” Joel says. “什一奉献是一件只能发生时,个人获得内心的实现什么伟大的上帝的礼物,他们已收到,并在感谢决定分享一些它的一部分, ”的Joel说。 “This sharing is just with the idea of thankfulness for the realization of God’s grace, and it is for this reason that those who spontaneously come to tithe are always generously and abundantly provided for,” Mr. Goldsmith concludes. “这只是分享与感恩的思想,为实现上帝的恩典,这是因为这个原因,那些自发来十分之一总是慷慨和充分提供, ”金先生的结论。 Tithing is the active ingredient of Gratitude that prospers not only the tither but the recipient of the tithe as well.邻是活性成分的感激好景不只是tither ,但受援国的十分之一,以及。

Tithing is the act of giving gratitude for the 100% we received by leaving 10% with our Source-that is, the person(s) or place(s) where we realize the Presence of God in our lives.邻,是该法给予感谢为100 % ,我们所收到的离开的10 %与我们的来源是,该人( S )或地方( )凡我们认识到上帝的存在,在我们的生活。 Traditionally tithing has been associated with giving to the place of worship to which we belong.传统上邻已与给予的地方崇拜,这是我们属于。 Often, “theologians have tended to stress what tithing would do for the church, instead of what it could do for the tither,” says Dr. Catherine Ponder.很多时候, “神学家往往强调什么做邻为教会,而不是什么可以做,为tither博士说: ”凯瑟琳思考。 Yet, upon closer examination of Tithing as a spiritual practice (not a mechanical one of obligation), we can only conclude that it is the individual who will be prospered and blessed through tithing.然而,仔细审查邻作为一个精神的实践(而不是机械的义务之一) ,我们只能得出这样的结论,这是个别人将蓬勃发展和祝福通过邻。 Naturally, the recipient will be too, since it’s all God.当然,受赠人将可在不久的,因为它的所有的上帝。 There are countless stories about the financial, prosperous success that comes from giving the GIFT of Tithing.有无数的故事,金融,繁荣的成功,来自给予的礼物邻。 “Since I have been tithing, I have more money to spend, not less,” reports one student of this class. “自从我已邻,我已花费更多金钱,而不是更少”的报告一的学生,这个阶层。 “I put in my tithe last week and suddenly the check that I have been expecting for months came in the mail.” “Since the start of this class and my stepping into giving the GIFT of Tithing, my house sold.” The stories go on and on. “我在我的十分之一上周突然检查,我期待已几个月来在邮件” , “开始以来,这个阶级和我踏进给予的礼物邻,我的房子出售。 ”的故事,去就和对。 I have also heard this one repeated: “I was thriving financially and in so many ways when I was in class, but I stopped Tithing after it was over and I’m back in the same ‘soup’ I was in before.”我也听到此一重复: “我是欣欣向荣的财政和在许多方面,当我在课堂上,但我停止邻后,这是超过我回来了,在相同的'汤' ,我在之前” 。

So what can you expect when you begin to give the GIFT of Tithing?那么,你能期望当您开始给的礼物邻?

• Fear usually shows up. •恐惧通常显示。 I don’t have enough now.我手边没有足够的现在。 How can I possibly…?我如何能可能… … ?

• Memories of previous associations with the word “tithe” may surface. •回忆以前的社团与Word “什一税” ,可能表面。

• Trust will become the plank to walk when beginning this practice. •信托将成为木板步行时开始这种做法。

• Surprise may ensue when you notice the amount of money you have to use after giving 10% to God. •惊喜可能接踵而至,当您看到这笔钱,你必须使用后,给予10 %至神。

• Doubt may surface when the above is not the immediate experience or when unexpected expenses show up instead. •怀疑可能表面时,以上是没有立即的经验,或当意想不到的开支显示出来。

• You may be surprised at the wisdom and judgment you are using to manage the money you have been given. •您可能会惊讶于智慧和判断,您所使用的管理这笔钱,你已获得。

• You will enjoy the ease with which you are able to meet your financial obligations. •您将享受纾缓与您是否能够满足您的财政义务。

• You will notice that your connection in God deepens and thus your spiritual life expands and your consciousness of wealth grows. •您将发现您的连接,在上帝的深化,从而您的精神生活,扩大和你的意识,财富的增长。

• You will find that you want to give more than 10% to a variety of places of spiritual nourishment. •你会发现你想给10 %以上,以不同的地方,精神食粮。

• You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without giving the GIFT of Tithing. •您不知道如何管理你的生活,而不给予的礼物邻。

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