by Wendy Betterini 由溫迪貝泰里尼

Have you ever experienced moments when everything seemed to just flow?你曾經經歷過的時刻,當一切似乎只是流? Moments when you didn’t have to struggle or fight or force things to happen?時刻,當您沒有鬥爭或鬥爭或武力的事情發生? It’s as if there were a giant hand holding a magic wand a few paces ahead of you at every step, magically shifting circumstances so that everything goes your way.它的作為,如果有一個巨大的手,持有魔杖的幾個步伐提前你的每一步,神奇地轉移的情況下,使一切您的方式。

As a writer, I’m keenly aware of “the flow.” It usually means the difference between my words spilling smoothly and effortlessly onto the page, or each word being wrung stiltedly and painfully from my resistant mind.作為一個作家,我深知“流” ,它通常是指之間的差異我的話不免順利,毫不費力地放在網頁上,或每個字被wrung stiltedly和痛苦從我的耐心。

The flow seems to happen spontaneously most of the time.流動似乎發生自發性大部分的時間。 We might be working, running errands, doing chores around the house, or even just kicking back and watching television.我們可能會工作,運行遞送,做家務周圍的房子,或什至只是踢回和收看電視。 Whatever we’re doing, we realize that we feel good.無論我們正在做的,我們認識到,我們感覺很好。 Calm, relaxed, alert, happy - we are in a state of non-resistance.冷靜,放鬆,提高警覺,快樂-我們正處在一個國家的不抵抗。 We’re not struggling with errant emotions or frustrated desires.我們不是掙扎與錯誤的情緒或沮喪的慾望。 We simply feel in tune with the rhythm of life.我們只是覺得在配合節奏的生活方式。

Not only do we feel better, but our experiences seem to be easier, smoother, more enjoyable.不僅我們覺得更好,但我們的經驗似乎更容易,更順暢,更愉快。 People we encounter seem kinder, we end up getting the good parking spaces at shopping malls, money comes to us more easily, our relationships seem more harmonious, and so on.我們所遇到的人似乎幼稚,我們最終獲得良好的停車位在商場,金錢來我們更容易,我們的關係似乎更加和諧,等等。

Though we’ve probably all experienced this buoyant state of being at one time or another, most of us don’t experience it enough.雖然我們已大概所有經歷過這蓬勃的國家被在同一時間或其他,我們大多數人沒有經驗是否足夠。 On a regular basis, we deal with setbacks, irritations, frustrations, disruptions, interruptions, and moments of pure exasperation.關於定期的基礎上,我們處理的挫折,刺激,挫折,干擾,中斷,時刻純無奈。 Worse, once we are “out of flow,” it seems incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to get back into the flow.更糟的是,一旦我們的“流” ,似乎令人難以置信的困難(如果不是不可能的)重新進入流通。

Well, I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible, it’s quite simple once you understand the steps that will bring you back to a harmonious state.那麼,我在這裡告訴你,它不僅是可能的,它的很簡單,一旦你了解的步驟,將會帶您回到一個和諧的狀態。 Lately I’ve been exploring these steps in more detail, and I’d like to share some tips to help you get (and stay) in the flow in your own life.最近我一直在探索這些步驟,更詳細,我想分享一些提示,以幫助您(留)在流在自己的生活。

Understand the source - before we move on to the tips, it’s important to understand that this “flow” comes from WITHIN YOU.明白的來源-之前,我們的舉動給小費,它的重要的是要了解這個“流”來自您。 It’s not some distant essence that you have to locate and draw from.這不是有些遙遠的本質,你必須找到和借鑒。 There are no magic words to recite, and you don’t have to rely on anyone else to make your life more harmonious.有沒有魔術的話朗誦,你不須依賴別人,使您的生活更和諧。 On the flip side, just like you are responsible for the times when you’re in flow, you also need to take responsibility for the times when you’re out of flow.在另一面,就像你是負責的時代當您在流,你也需要承擔責任的時代,當您出門在外的流動。 Most of us tend to blame our outer circumstances for our lack of balance and peace.我們大多數人往往會責怪我們的外層空間的情況下,我們缺乏平衡與和平。 While they can certainly encourage us to feel a certain way (frustrated, angry, impatient, etc.), they cannot control our emotions unless we choose to let them.同時,他們當然可以鼓勵我們感到某種方式(沮喪,憤怒,不耐煩等) ,他們無法控制自己的情緒,除非我們選擇,讓他們。 And the source of “flow” — IS our emotions!和來源的“流動” -是我們的情緒! That’sa crucial point to understand. that'sa關鍵的一點理解。 Feeling in flow, or feeling out of flow, is an indication of whether our emotions are in alignment, or not.感覺在流動,或感覺出流,是一個跡象,是否我們的情緒是一致的,或者沒有。

Let go - once you understand that you are the creator of the flow in your life, the first step (and probably the most difficult) is to simply LET GO.放手-一旦你知道你是創作者的流量在你的生活,第一步(可能是最困難的)是簡單地放過。 Let go of your resistance to certain circumstances, your attachment to specific outcomes in your daily experiences, and your desire to control everything that happens in your life.放過你的抵抗某些情況下,您的附件,以具體成果,在您的每日的經驗,和您的願望,控制一切發生在你的生活。 This is challenging to say the least, especially if you’re in the midst of unpleasant circumstances.這是具有挑戰性的,至少可以說,特別是如果您在中不愉快的情況。 Still, just for the moment, stop fighting, stop struggling, stop resisting, and just focus on accepting.但是,僅僅是為了時刻,停止戰鬥,停止掙扎,停止抵抗,公正的重點放在接受。

Open up - whenever you can, imagine expanding your mind and opening your awareness to your surroundings.開放-時,您可以想見,擴大您的想法和開放意識,您到您的環境。 Tune in to what you feel and allow yourself to become immersed in the sensations.在調什麼,你覺得,並讓自己成為沉浸在的感覺。 Don’t judge them or try to change them, just experience them.不法官,他們或試圖改變他們,只要他們的經驗。 Allow them.讓他們。 Be present in whatever situation you find yourself in. Rather than focusing on the way you want things to be, stay with the way things are right now.出席在什麼情況,您會發現自己英寸而不是把重點放在您想要的方式的東西,留的方式是正確的事情現在。 Be okay with whatever you’re experiencing, instead of trying to swim against the current.被好與無論您遇到的問題,而不是試圖游泳針對目前。

Be joyful - find something positive about your current circumstances and focus on it.被歡樂-尋找一些積極的約您目前的情況下,把重點放在它。 Tune in to the better aspects of where you are, and be grateful for them.調重彈,在向更好的方面你身在何處,並感謝他們。 You can use a gratitude journal to record these things in written form, or just concentrate on them mentally and take a few minutes to appreciate them.您可以使用感謝雜誌,以記錄這些東西以書面形式,或只專注於他們的弱智和需要幾分鐘的時間欣賞他們。

Choose to flow - okay, here’s where it gets fun!選擇流-好了,這裡的地方得到樂趣! Rather than focusing on the ways you’re NOT in the flow at any moment - choose to GET into the flow.而不是把重點放在如何您沒有在流在任何時候-選擇進入流通。 Say aloud, “I am totally in the FLOW right now.” Or when you begin to experience challenges, say to yourself, “Okay, I’m going with the flow, I’m not going to resist, I will simply go with the flow.” And then do just that.說高喊, “我完全在流動的權利,現在” ,或者當您開始體驗到的挑戰,對自己說, “好吧,我會與流通,我不打算抗拒,我會簡單地去與流。 “ ,然後做到這一點。 Don’t let yourself get frustrated or stressed, simply repeat the letting go step above, and consciously CHOOSE to go with the flow.不要讓自己感到沮喪或強調,簡單地重複不放上述步驟,自覺選擇到與流量。 Imagine that you are a leaf or a twig being carried along on a swiftly moving stream.想像你是葉或一枝條進行沿上一迅速移動流。 Relax your muscles, breathe deeply, and simply allow yourself to be carried along.放鬆您的肌肉,深呼吸,並簡單地讓自己進行沿。 Even better, choose to enjoy the ride.甚至更好,選擇享受的旅程。 :-)

Like any new technique, this can take time and practice before you experience the full benefits.如同任何新技術,這可能需要時間和實踐之前,你的經驗的全部好處。 But the good news is that the more you focus on it and the more you work on staying in the flow, the easier it will get!但好消息是,越多,您重點放在資訊科技及越多,您的工作,繼續留在流,越容易得到! Before long, it will seem like an automatic process and every day will seem to hold a spontaneous element of flow, no matter where you go and what you do.不久之前,它會像一個自動的過程,每天似乎將舉行自發的要素流動,無論你在什麼地方去,什麼你怎麼做。
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