“The best advice I ever got was from an elephant trainer in the jungle outside Bangalore. “最好的意见是我得到的,从大象教练机在丛林中以外的班加罗尔。 I was doing a hike through the jungle as a tourist.我是做了上调,透过丛林作为一个旅游。 I saw these large elephants tethered to a small stake.我看到这些大的大象栓系,以一个小的股份。 I asked him, ‘How can you keep such a large elephant tied to such a small stake?’ He said, ‘When the elephants are small, they try to pull out the stake, and they fail.我问他, '你如何能保持如此庞大的大象绑这么小的股份? '他说, '当大象很小,他们试图拿出的股份,和他们的失败。 When they grow large, they never try to pull out the stake again.’ That parable reminds me that we have to go for what we think we’re fully capable of, not limit ourselves by what we’ve been in the past.当他们成长大,他们从不尝试拿出的股份。 '寓言使我想起了我们要到什么,我们觉得我们现在完全有能力,而不是限制自己,什么我们已经在过去的。 When I took over Wipro in 1999, we were the first to articulate that an Indian company could be in the global top ten [of technology services firms].当我接手Wipro公司在1999年,我们的人是首先阐明说,印度公司可以在全球十大[技术服务公司] 。 As of 2004, we were.截至2004年,我们。

“Don’t limit yourself by past expectations.” - Vivek Paul, 46, Former President and CEO of Wipro Technologies “不限制自己过去的期望。 ” -v ivek保罗, 4 6岁的前主席兼行政总裁W ipro公司技术

“The second-best piece of advice was something I learned from Jack Welch on one of his trips to India. “第二最佳奉劝是我学到的东西从韦尔奇对他的一名前往印度。 He was commenting that every time he lands in New York he imagines that he’s just been appointed chairman and that this is his first day in the role, and the guy before him was a real dud.他评论说,每一次他的土地,在纽约,他以为他只是被任命为主席,并认为这是他第一天中的作用,以及家伙在他面前的是一个真正的哑弹。 He said, ‘Every time, I think, What would I do that was different than the guy before?他说, '每一次,我觉得什么,我会怎样,这是不同的家伙,比前? What big changes would I make?’ I took that seriously.有什么大的变化,我会作出? '我了严重。 You should always think, ‘How do I regenerate myself?’ I don’t do it religiously every time I fly internationally.你要始终认为, '我要如何再生的自己? '我不这样做宗教每一次我飞国际。 But over Christmas break time, I set aside a day to zero-base myself.但在圣诞节期间休息时间,我定出一天零基自己。 I force myself to do it every single year. i武力自己做的每一个年。

“But the person I rely on most in terms of advice is somebody in my Young President’s Organization group: John Donahoe [former managing partner at Bain & Co., now president of the eBay business unit]. “但我不能依赖于大部分在条款的意见,是有人在我的年轻总统的组织组:约翰多纳霍[前主管合伙人公司Bain &公司,现在总统eBay的业务单位] 。 John has been a life coach for me, helping me sort out the many conflicting business and personal priorities.约翰一直生活教练对我来说,帮助我理清许多矛盾的企业和个人的优先次序。 He has given me great advice about raising high school kids.他给了我很大的意见,关于提高高中的孩子。 His suggestions are invaluable.”他的建议是非常宝贵的“ 。

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