by Travis Wright 由特拉維斯賴特

On December 7th, 2007, a brand-new關於2007年12月7日,一個嶄新的 24 Hour Fitness 24小時健身 opened up in my neighborhood, and I decided that I would join the gym.開闢了在我的鄰居,我決定我會加入健身房。 Well, I have gone every day in a row, except Christmas Day, which it was closed.那麼,我已經每天都在一排,除了聖誕,元旦,它被關閉。 However, I didn’t know it was closed, so I “went” to the gym anyway.不過,我不知道這是封閉的,所以我“到”去健身,無論如何。 But nonetheless, I have been 47 days in a row, which to me is a major accomplishment.但儘管如此,我已47天,在一排,這對我來說是一項重大成就。

As a result of being in the由於被在該 technology industry高新技術產業 , I find myself sitting behind a computer much of the time. ,我發現自己坐在電腦大部分的時間。 Factor in some Mountain Dew, and Mr. Travis Wright had gained some serious weight.因素,在一些山區的露點, Travis先生賴特獲得了一些嚴重的重量。 Well, this is all changing.那麼,這是所有的變化。 I figure that going to the gym 100 days in a row will be a nice jump start in becoming a person who ALWAYS works out. i的數字,去健身房100天,在一排將是一個很好跳轉開始在成為一個人誰始終工程。 Instead of being a sedentary person with little physical activity, I choose to be one who works out and stays fit.而不是被一久坐的人幾乎沒有身體活動,我選擇之一,誰的工程,並保持適當的。

Now, also I have changed my diet habits a bit, which is obviously important if you are trying to drop a few pounds.現在,我也改變了我的飲食習慣1位,這顯然是重要的,如果您正試圖下拉數磅。 I am eating smaller portions and trying to eat more frequently.我吃小部分,並試圖吃更頻密。 Eating breakfast was always a challenge for me, but I am doing a good job of, at least, drinking a吃早餐一直是一個挑戰我,但我做好,至少,喝一 Slim Fast超薄快 shake of some kind.動搖某種形式的。

Since I have been to the gym for 47 days in a row, thus far, I have lost 16.5 pounds.既然我已去健身了47天,在一排,因此,到目前為止,我已失去了16.5磅。 This is very encouraging.這是非常令人鼓舞。

Also, when I go to the gym, I don’t do the same workout everyday.此外,當我去健身房,我不這樣做同樣的鍛煉,每天。 Every other day, I will do chest and back.每隔一天,我將盡胸部和背部。 The other, every other day, heh, I do biceps and triceps.另一方面,每隔一天,港燈,我做的二頭肌和肱三頭肌。 At least five days a week, I will do 30 minutes of cardio on the ellipitical machine.至少每週5天,我將盡30分鐘,心就ellipitical機。 And almost EVERY time I go to the gym, I go into the steam room for some toxin relief.和幾乎每一次我去健身房,我進入蒸汽室,為一些毒素救濟。 Boy, you sure sweat your ass off in the steam room, and I love it.男童,您確定您的汗水驢小康,在蒸汽室,我愛它。

The unique benefits of a steam room have become increasingly popular in modern society.獨特的好處,蒸汽室,已成為越來越受歡迎的,在現代社會。 The physiology of perspiration includes how sweating helps rid the body of wastes, regulates body temperature, and invigorates our largest organ, the skin.生理的汗,包括如何出汗,有助於清除體內廢物,調節體溫,和invigorates是我們最大的器官,皮膚。 The metabolic effects of a steam room, the positive influence of negative ions released by steam, and the more subtle spiritual and social benefits of the steam experience all contribute to a heightened sense of well-being.代謝的影響,蒸汽室,正面的影響,負離子釋放蒸汽,以及更加微妙的精神和社會效益蒸汽的經驗,都有助於提高幸福感。 Medical studies show that frequent visits to the steam room helps reduce stress and keep your circulatory system running smooth.醫學研究表明,經常互訪,以蒸汽室有助於減少壓力和保持您的循環系統,運行平穩。 I recommend it.我建議。

It is really hard for me to imagine myself NOT going to the gym, now.實在是我很難想像我不打算去健身,現在。 I think after 47 days in a row, that I have already trained my body to yearn for the gym.我認為後47天,在一排,我已受過訓練的我的身體,以渴望的健身房。 It is my intention to never become a sedentary couch-computer dweller ever again.這是我打算永遠不會成為久坐沙發上的計算機居民以往任何時候都再次。 I must move.我必須動議。 I must work out.我必須工作。 And it feels phenomenal.它認為,以驚人的。 I highly recommend getting yourself on the path of positive change, and getting yourself in peak physical fitness.我高度推薦獲得對自己的道路,積極的變化,並獲得自己在繁忙的體能。 The rewards are endless.回報是無止境的。 Unfortunately, not all the people who join you in the steam room will look like those in the above picture.不幸的是,並非所有的人誰與你一道,在蒸汽室看起來會像那些在上面的圖片。