For hundreds of thousands of people, the dream of making an Internet fortune works like this: Earn pennies at a time in exchange for allowing Google Inc. or Yahoo Inc. to place advertisements on a personal or small-business Web page.对于成千上万的人,梦想,使互联网财富工程是这样的:赚取便士,在一段时间的交流,让Google公司或雅虎公司以刊登广告对个人或小型企业的网页。

Take Andrew Leyden, former House Commerce Committee counsel and founder of a dot-com venture that failed, who started, a search engine for podcasts.以郑家富莱登,前众议院商业委员会律师和创办一个网络泡沫创业失败,他们开始 ,搜索引擎,为播客。 As the site’s popularity rose from a hundred hits a month in 2004 to nearly a million now, Leyden started making the equivalent of an entry-level government worker’s salary — $30,000 to $40,000 a year — simply because people clicked on ads.由于该地段的人气上升,由百创一个月, 2004年有将近100万,现在莱登开始制造相当于一个入门级政府工人的工资-$ 3 0000,以4 0000美元一年-简单,因为人们点击广告。 That allowed him to work at home in Chesapeake Beach, Md., trying to make more money by attracting still more traffic to his site.这让他在家里工作,在切萨皮克湾,马里兰州,试图赚更多的钱,吸引更多的车辆分流到他的网站。

“I went from literally 26 cents a week or something like that to several dollars an hour,” he said, by using Google’s AdSense software, which solicits bids from marketers who, in turn, pay to run ads on his site. "我去,从字面上26美分,一个星期或类似的东西,要几美元一个小时, "他说,通过使用Google的AdSense软件公司,该公司索取投标书,从营销的人,反过来,以支付广告上他的网站。 “I get paid while mowing the lawn. "我得到报酬,而修剪草坪。 I get paid while cleaning the garage.我得到支付,而清洗车库。 I get paid driving my wife to her office, buying groceries, seeing a movie, playing video games, or just surfing the Internet.我得到支付驾驶我的妻子,以她的办公室,买杂货,看电影,打电动游戏,或者只是在网上冲浪互联网。 That’s really the nice thing about AdSense: No matter what I’m doing, people keep clicking and I keep getting paid.”这真是好东西有关AdSense :无论我在干什么,人们不断发出咔嗒本人一直收到支付" 。

A decade ago, the Internet dream was to score through venture-capital financing and by raising cash in public stock offerings.十几年前,互联网的梦想就是以分数通过风险资本融资,并提高现金在公开认购新股。 Now, people with creative ideas can get rich relatively quickly by permitting advertisers to piggyback on any Web site that attracts a lot of viewers.现在,人们有创意的想法,可以先富起来比较快,允许广告商借任何网站吸引了大量的观众。 Technology can direct ads to more and more specific audiences, rewarding entrepreneurship on the smallest scale — even Web pages filled with obscure and homemade content.技术可以直接广告越来越多的具体对象,奖励创业上最小的规模-甚至网页上充满了含糊和自制的内容。

“We have a segment of customers called hopeful hobbyists” who have Web sites devoted to anything they might care about, from crochet to sailing, and who hope to eventually make enough money to quit their day jobs, said Willan Johnson, vice president of Yahoo Publisher Network, which launched a test version of its software last year. "我们有部分客户要求希望玩家" ,他们有网站专门讨论什么,他们可能会关心,从钩针向航行,并希望最终使足够的钱辞去一天的工作时说, Willan律师约翰逊,副总裁雅虎出版商网络,推出了其测试版软件去年。

David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard, two 20-year-olds in Louisville, Ky., say they collect $100,000 a month from their year-old site,, which gives away designs that people can use on MySpace social-networking pages.朱英里Jr 。和加藤安仔,两名20岁的学生在肯塔基州Louisville说,他们收集十万元,每月从他们今年旧址, ,让远离设计,人们可以使用在MySpace社交网络页。 One couple blogged about their home reconstruction and made money to help pay the mortgage on their new house.一对夫妇博客网站对他们的家重建和赚钱,以帮助支付按揭对他们的新房子。 Jock Friedly’s business, Storming Media LLC, allows users to download public documents; he used the money his Web site made on ads for new online ventures.英军friedly的业务,强攻Media LLC公司,让用户下载公共文件,他用这笔钱在自己的网站上作了广告,为新的在线企业。

Companies like Google, in turn, also find profit in such sites.公司像Google ,反过来又找到利润,在这些工地。 In the second quarter, Google got $997 million, or 41 percent of its revenue, through the network of Web sites that host ads through the AdSense system.在第二季度, Google得到997000000美元,或41 %的营收,通过该网络的网站主机广告通过AdSense的制度。 Its software, like Yahoo’s, prices ads based on popularity.其软件,雅虎一样的,广告价格的基础上的普及。 When users click the ads, the software keeps detailed records, including the number of page views and the amount of commission the site’s host earns from the ad — all of which Web site owners can keep track of by logging on to their accounts.当用户点击广告时,该工具会自动保留详细的记录,包括有多少页的意见和金额的佣金该网站的主机收入来自广告-所有这些网站拥有者可以记录登录自己的帐户。 Every month, Google pays publishers by check or direct deposit.每到月中, Google的自付出版商用支票或直接存款。

Ad publishers must be approved through Google, to ensure that the ads don’t subsidize pornography or gambling, or contain material that is racist, violent or related to illegal drugs.专案出版商必须获得通过Google ,以确保这些广告不补贴色情或赌博,或含有这就是种族主义,暴力或与之有关的非法毒品。 Among other things, Google says it watches to make sure people don’t inflate their revenues by clicking on their own ads — a practice known as “click fraud” that has plagued online marketing.除其他事项外, Google表示,手表,以确保人们不夸大自己的收入通过点击自己的广告-一种被称为"点击欺诈"一直困扰着网上营销。

The popularity of making money this way also has led to creation of “made-for-AdSense” Web pages that contain little content and lots of ads, which critics say clutter the Internet and divert online searches.民望赚钱,这种方式也导致了创作的"为AdSense的"网页中含有很少的内容和大量的广告,批评人士说,杂波互联网和疏导网上搜索。

The system depends on the cooperation of advertisers, who have to see that their money is well spent, said Jennifer Slegg, an online publisher who is a consultant on AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network, and who makes roughly half her income from AdSense ads.该系统依赖于合作的广告主,他们看到他们的钱是用得其所,说珍妮佛slegg ,在线出版商,他们是一个顾问AdSense和雅虎出版商网络,是谁使大约一半的收入来自AdSense的广告。

“I hear tons of stories about people who were facing bankruptcy but now are able to pay off their houses in full,” she said. "我听到吨故事的人,面临破产,但现在有能力支付过自己的住宅充分, "她说。

Tracking clicks and the money they earn itself has become a passion for Leyden.跟踪点击和金钱,他们赚取本身已成为一个热爱莱登。 “In the middle of the night, I’ll wonder how much I made,” he said, so he’ll check his page’s status every 15 minutes. "在半夜吧,我不知道我是多么的进展, "他说,所以他将核对页的地位,每15分钟一班。

The money that comes in acts like microfinancing for many sites, said Kim Malone, director of AdSense.钱进来行为像小额资助,为许多网站说,金正日马龙,主任AdSense的。 “We’re enabling creativity, 5 cents at a time.” "我们很有利的创造力, 5美分的时候" 。

Friedly, for example, started his company in Washington in 2001 to make it easier for contractors, scientists and researchers to find, download and purchase public documents. friedly ,例如,开始了他的公司在华盛顿, 2001年,使之更容易为承办人员,科学家和研究人员来寻找,下载和购买公共文件。 He reluctantly signed up to put ads on the site.他不情愿地签署了向广告地盘。 “I was skeptical because when you sell something, you want to focus on the product, not refer people to other Web sites,” he said. "我是持怀疑态度,因为当你卖出什么东西,你要专注于产品,而不是指人到其他的网站, "他说。

But with more than 10,000 hits a day, the income started adding up.但超过10000次,每天的收入开始加入到了。 “I was surprised by how much we made. "我很惊讶多少,我们取得了。 It was an excellent supplement to the business, because we didn’t have to do a lot.”这是一个很好的补充业务,因为我们没有做的工作很多" 。

Friedly has since started PatentStorm LLC, a site where businesses can search patent records, without outside investment. friedly自开始patentstorm LLC公司网站上的一个企业可以检索专利记录,在没有外部投资。 “In essence, Google has turned into a venture capital or an angel investor in my business.” "在本质上, Google已经变成了一个风险资本或天使投资者,我的生意" 。

But if Google giveth, it also taketh away, Friedly said.但如果Google给予的,它也去掉了friedly说。 As people put up more sites that compete with his for traffic, the number of hits on his main site has declined.当人们把更多的网站竞争与他的交通,点击次数就他的主要网站已经下降。

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