time management By Cheryl A. Clausen 由謝甲克勞森

Are you really struggling with time management?你真的掙扎著時間管理? I mean really struggling.我的意思是真的掙扎。 The kind of struggling that ends up in extreme stress because you’re missing deadlines, losing important pieces of information, scheduling yourself to the point you don’t have a free 15 minute period in your day.什麼樣的掙扎結束了在極端壓力,因為你失踪的最後期限,喪失了重要信息,調度給自己一點,你沒有一個免費15分鐘的時間內,在您的一天。 I can’t tell you how many of my clients find themselves in this very situation.我不能告訴你如何,我的很多客戶找到自己,在這個非常的情況。 They’re so time stressed they’re about ready to crack, and they think it’s all about finding some technique or trick so they can do even more.他們長得很帥,所以當時強調,他們將很快準備就緒,以打擊,他們認為這都是找一些技巧或伎倆,使他們可以做更多。 If this sounds like you I want you to stop whatever you’re doing right now because I know you’re doing something else while you’re reading this, get a refreshment, come back, and do absolutely nothing else while you read this article.如果這聽起來像你,我要你停止無論你要做正確的,因為我知道自己做一套做一套,當您閱讀本,獲得點心,回來時,並完全無關,否則當你閱讀這篇文章。

This is the personal time management message you need to read.這是個人時間管理信息,你需要閱讀。 You’ve created a life, a business, a career that you can’t live in. Unless you admit that now and make a commitment to yourself here and now to change your direction, you’re like a freight train headed for a concrete wall.你已經創造了一個生命,一個企業,事業,你不能住的,除非你承認,現在和作出承諾,自己現在在這裡要改變你的方向,您像一列貨運列車為首的一個具體牆上。 It will be a devastating experience when the impact hits and your world crumbles around you, but it doesn’t have to be that way.這將是一個災難性的經驗,當影響安打和你的世界一旦崩潰靠近你,但它不應該以這種方式。 If you’re reading this before your train wreck you’ve got time to make the changes you need to make to keep this from happening to you.如果你讀這之前,你的火車殘骸,你花時間好好考慮作出改變,你需要作出把這個事情給你。

The only way for you to gain control of your life, and your time management is for you to develop a life you want to live.唯一的方法讓你來控制你的生活,和你的時間管理是給你制定一個人生,你希望生活。 Sitting there right now reading this you’re thinking you don’t know how to make things slow down.坐在那裡,現在讀這你的思維,你不知道如何把事情放慢。 You don’t know how to stop.你不知道如何制止。 You don’t know how to make things different.你不知道如何使事情有所不同。 All that is true right now, but you can know.一切是真的話,現在可以,但您可知道。 Take stock of where you are now in all aspects of your life.採取存量您身在何處,現在在各個方面的你的生命。 You have to have a clear picture of your current reality before you can understand how to get where you want to get.你必須有一個清晰的圖片,你目前的現實面前,你可以了解如何獲得您想要得到的還要多。 You’re where you are right now because you either didn’t fully plan what you wanted and therefore couldn’t implement your plans, or you allowed others around you to shape your life as it is.你那裡你說得很對,現在,因為你要么沒有充分的計劃是什麼,你想做的,因此不能實施你的計劃,或者你不准別人靠近你塑造你的生活,因為它是。 It’s ok, you aren’t the only one in this situation and it’s very fixable.它的好,你是不是唯一一個在這種情況下,這點非常固定。

You don’t have to be a super hero to be a super person.你不必成為一個超級英雄,是一個超級的人。 After you’ve taken stock of where you are now I want you to set aside a couple hours this week to do nothing but think about how you want to live your life from this point forward.之後,你採取存量您身在何處,現在我要你留出一對夫婦時,這個星期什麼也不做,但想想看,想住你的生活,從這個角度前進。 You can’t manage your time when you don’t know what your managing it for, when you don’t know what’s most important, or when you don’t know what activities hold your biggest payoff.你不能管理你的時候,你不知道你所管理的,當你不知道什麼是最重要的,還是當你不知道這是什麼活動的舉辦你的最大回報。 Right now you may be spending the bulk of your time driving yourself crazy doing low value activities that aren’t taking you anywhere.現在,您可能會花費大量的時間,你自己駕駛的瘋狂做低價值的活動不是以方便攜帶。 You may be so focused on payoff activities that you have no time to rejuvenate and refresh.你可能會這麼集中於回報活動,你有沒有時間,以振興和刷新。 You may be spending your time all wrapped in your work trying to earn a living.你可能會花費你的時間都用在你的工作中設法謀生。 To the point that your friends, family, and associates don’t even remember who you are.到如此地步,你的朋友,家人,公司及聯營公司甚至不記得你是誰。 They’ve grown tired of asking you to do things, to spend time with them because they just get shot down.他們已經厭倦要求你做的事情,還要花時間與他們,因為他們剛剛得到擊落。 Consequently your most important relationships may be in danger of falling apart.因此,你最重要的人際關係,可在掉下來的危險除。

Once you clearly know where you are and where you want to go the next step is to take action to close that gap.一旦你清楚地知道你是和你想要去的地方,下一步就是要採取行動,以彌合這一差距。 What do you have to do to change your current situation to get your desired situation?你怎麼也要做變更目前的情況,以獲得您想要的情況? Open up your calendar and find the first place there’s some white space, and start there changing how you spend your time by scheduling appointments right now for how you want to spend your time.打開你的日曆和尋找第一個地方有一些白色空間,並開始有改變你如何花你的時間,由調度任命權,現在怎麼你想用你的時間。 This will enable you to get where you want to be, to live the life you want to live.這將使你能夠得到您想要的,以活的生命,你要活。 Your train doesn’t have to crash.你的列車沒有崩潰。 You can turn your life around right now, and soon very soon you can begin the process of creating the life you want to live.你可以談談你的生活周圍,現在,很快很快,你便可以開始過程中,創造了生命,你要活。